“Chokehold” A Thriller Movie Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

Chokehold, Netflix’s next Turkish thriller film, is set to launch on the streaming site on Friday, April 21, at 3:00 a.m. ET (tentative time). The plot revolves around a couple who are attempting to avoid a scandal by relocating to a new village on the Aegean coast. They quickly understand, however, that the town’s residents want to get rid of them, turning their life into a living nightmare. Kivanç Tatlitug and Funda Eryigit play the primary parts, with many others portraying important supporting characters. Onur Saylak directed it, while Hakan Gunday wrote the screenplay.

The teaser for Netflix’s Chokehold focuses on a couple attempting to avoid a scandal.

On April 14, 2023, Netflix published the official trailer for Chokehold, which gives a look at the several crucial events that will take place in the new film. The trailer begins with a chilling sentence that perfectly establishes the tone of the movie:

”You said it was all behind us since we were here,” I remarked.

Following that, the teaser briefly depicts a variety of exciting sequences from the film without revealing too many critical aspects that may possibly ruin the watching experience for viewers. Overall, the teaser has a dark and ominous tone that lovers of road/thriller films will undoubtedly like. In addition to the teaser, Netflix has released an official description of the film on its YouTube account, which reads:

”To avoid a controversy, an Istanbul couple begins afresh in a village on the Aegean coast — only to find the locals are desperate to get rid of them.”

Fans can anticipate a very intense and dramatic thriller based on the trailer and official description that examines the intriguing lives of a couple seeking to escape their past, which continues to haunt them in many ways.


More information about Chokehold’s cast

Kivanç Tatlitug, a well-known actor, plays one of the key parts in Chokehold. There aren’t many further specifics about his part at this moment, but based on the trailer and narrative, he seems to be portraying the spouse. Tatlitug looks fantastic in the clip, expressing his character’s numerous shades with surprising depth and grace, while also imbuing him with a sense of mystery. In the film, viewers may anticipate him to provide a tremendous performance.

Tatlitug has also been featured in The Festival of Troubadours, Aile, Yakamoz S-245, and Money Trap, to mention a few. Funda Eryigit, who plays the wife, co-stars with him in another important part. She looks similarly great in the teaser, and her hot onscreen chemistry with Tatlitug takes the picture to a whole new level.


Funda Eryigit effortlessly captures her character’s anxiousness, stress, and perplexity. Fans may anticipate a remarkable performance from her in the flick. Son Yaz, 9,75 Santimetrekare, and The Protector are among her other major acting credits. Other major cast members include Gürgen z, Hayat Van Eck, Kerem Arslanoglu, and others.

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