Chet Hanks Stated That His Life Changed After His Daughter Came Into It

Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of Chet Hanks, an American actor, and singer. Michaiah is the granddaughter of two well-known actors, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson.

Quick facts

Full Name Michaiah Hanks
First Name Michaiah
Last Name Hanks
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality American
Birth Country United States of America
Father Name Chet Hanks
Father Profession Actor, Singer
Mother Name Tiffany Miles
Gender Identity Female
Date of Birth April 2016
Age 6 years

Who is her mother?

Tiffany Miles, a California native, is her mother. Her parents were never really in a relationship. Michaiah was born in April 2016, although her arrival was not announced until December. Miles’ identity was likewise kept hidden for a long. Michaiah went out with her father for the first time in February 2019 in La Quinta, California.

She helped save her father’s life.

Chet was questioned how his kid saved his life in an interview with Entertainment Tonight while discussing a post he published on Instagram that said his daughter saved his life. He acknowledged having a daughter on Instagram in 2016 with a short video with his daughter, which has since been removed. He said that he wanted to share something since it was going to be revealed in the press: he had a daughter. He said that his daughter is the finest thing that ever happened to him and is the reason he changed his life and became clean.

Hanks claims that if his daughter had not been born, he would not have had the incentive to make a significant change in his life. It was the thought of having a child. He knew the kid was due in nine months which made him believe he had had his time, and it was time for him to move on since it wasn’t going to work that way. Chet needed to make a drastic change in order to get what he desired.

Chet Hanks

Her father spoke about growing up as a Hanks.

Her father, Tom Hanks, explained on his YouTube channel what it was like growing up as the son of a famous parent, a topic he is often asked. When his family was invited to the White House, he remembered then-President George W. Bush asking the same question. Chet was fourteen at the time. He said that the response he provided at the time is almost identical to the one he provides today. His response to the president at the time was that there are many benefits, but it may be strange at times. He went on to remark that although there are still many benefits, it may be strange at times.

He said he is very blessed that he got the privilege to do a lot of cool S*** that a lot of people don’t get the opportunity of and that he is very grateful for that, but the truth is it’s a double-edged sword. It’s far more difficult, and not everyone understands it. He went on to say that celebrity is a potent narcotic that can also be detrimental. When asked about his experience, he stated it was much more problematic since, in addition to the celebrity being poisonous, he wasn’t even famous. Being the son of a renowned person earned him a lot of scorn since people expected him to be an arrogant, pampered child, which he was not.

He said that he was not given any money or stipend and that he had to work for all he earned. When he was younger, if he needed money, his father would have him wash his vehicle, so everything was earned. It was very difficult to shatter the preconceived notions about him wherever he went, as a result of which he experienced a lot of scorn, animosity, and negativity, which drove him to build a chip on his shoulder and go about with a lot of wrath, leading him down the wrong road.

Chet Hanks

His friends liked him because of his father’s status, not because of who he was as a person. It drove him to develop a tough exterior so that others wouldn’t f***with him and they did, although behind his back in the form of gossip and s**t talking that included even his pals. As he got older, he recognized that those individuals were just envious of him and attempted to cast aspersions on him in order for him to feel bad about himself.

He said that as a child, he didn’t have a masculine role model to teach him all of that, therefore it took him a long time to grasp that people’s perceptions of you are merely a mirror of themselves. But he now says he is pleased that he has altered his life and is no longer on a self-destructive path of coping with his rage and bitterness.

Net Worth

Michaiah is still a child, thus she is living the high life. Chet Hanks’ net worth has officially been revealed. Chet’s net worth is expected to be about $3 million in 2022.

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