Chef Alex Belew Talks About Hell’s Kitchen Pressure And Reaching Ramsay’s Expectations

Chef Alex Belew’s inventive cuisine, proactive approach, and culinary abilities garnered him many admirers in the first few episodes of Hell’s Kitchen season 21. His experience in the program has been filled with highs and lows, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. From obtaining a flawless score from famed chef Gordon Ramsay to becoming one of the competition’s frontrunners, Belew has positioned himself for several victories on the program.

Alex Belew spoke up about the unique obstacles, victories, and defeats, and his friendship with other cast members in Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda.

Chef Alex Belew discusses his time on Hell’s Kitchen season 21.

This season of Hell’s Kitchen had more heat and drama than previous seasons. Many candidates failed to produce acceptable meals in service tasks and were ejected from the kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. It is only normal for teams to feel overwhelmed as the stakes rise with each episode.

Chef Alex Belew talked up about coping with pressure in Hell’s Kitchen and satisfying Ramsay and the customers’ high expectations. The chef admitted to having crises in the kitchen on many occasions but added that he depended on his culinary skills to get through difficult situations.

Belew went on to say:

“When this occurs, you must depend on instinct and dietary knowledge. What tastes go together, how should certain foods be prepared, and hoping for the best? I got 30 minutes into a 40-minute challenge before I realized what I was doing.”

Alex Belew

He went on:

“During that 30 minutes, all I did was a cook and put things together that I knew worked. Knowledge and inventiveness are essential. True innovation simply does not expose your sources!!”

While others delivered substandard meals (including boxed spaghetti) on the first show, Alex Belew got a perfect grade from Gordon Ramsay for his fish dish. However, the squad almost missed out on the victory by an inch before descending into chaotic retribution.

The chef was one of the rare people who earned a perfect score. Belew emphasized the value of optimism in the same context, saying:

“That was one of the most memorable events of my career. Unfortunately, it barely lasted about 3 minutes since it was overshadowed by boxed spaghetti. What a bizarre thing to prepare for Chef. I was irritated, to be sure, but I did my hardest to maintain a cheerful attitude. Day one is much too early to go insane and blow a gasket.”

Alex Belew dislikes the format of Hell’s Kitchen season 21.

The chef also got one of the season’s first penalty passes, which he described as “comfort, blessing, and potentially a weapon!!” Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen had the competitors separated into two teams depending on their ages. The Blue squad featured cooks in their forties, while the Red team included chefs in their twenties. Belew, on the other hand, hasn’t been a fan of the format this season.

He said, ”

“To be honest, when he announced the theme for this year, I was one of the last to applaud. It didn’t thrill me at all. I knew the 20s had just begun, and most individuals my age are in management positions. That is exactly what I thought!!”

Alex Belew

Chef Belew, on the other hand, insisted that he had a terrific relationship with his crew members. He said that he met some of his greatest friends on the program and that they are still in contact, demonstrating that, apart from the turmoil, the actors really cared about one another. In terms of cooks in their twenties, Belew described them as “a genuinely remarkable set of grownups” and said that he held them in great respect. He stated:

“I can’t wait to see where their careers take them. I can honestly say that I have an excellent connection with all of them and that I would employ any of them to work for me at any moment!”

When asked whether he had any team favorites, Alex Belew stated:

“In terms of favorites, I can’t say I have just one. There are far too many of them that means a great deal to me. I know it seems like I’m avoiding the subject, but I really care about those kids.”

Chef Alex Belew was fascinated by food from an early age, beginning with cooking with his grandmother and progressing to a substantial amount of expertise in the culinary field. To put himself to the ultimate test, he has taken all of his expertise, abilities, and perseverance to the culinary challenge. Will he be able to succeed? Time will only tell. Viewers may learn more about chef Alex Belew by visiting his website and following his winning dish recipes online. Hell’s Kitchen airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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