Chase Outlaw’s Daughter Passed Away At The Age Of 11

Cash Outlaw, Chase Outlaw’s daughter, died on October 14, 2022, at the age of 11. The professional bull riding organization PBR verified the news in a tweet:

“Today, we ask that you keep Chase Outlaw and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve the death of their daughter Cash.”

Her burial ceremony was conducted at the CrossRoads Cowboy Church in El Paso, Arkansas, on October 18, 2022, at 2 p.m.

Cash Outlaw cause of death

The death of Cash Outlaw has been a devastating blow to the Outlaw family. Her actual cause of death, however, is uncertain. According to reports, she was admitted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital a few weeks before her death. According to her obituary, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was two and a half years old. It is still unknown if diabetes was a factor in her death.

Chase Outlaw

Everything there is to know about Cash Outlaw

Cash Outlaw was born in 2011 as one of Chase Outlaw’s six children. Chase’s ex-girlfriend Brett Ann Riddle shared Cash. Hayes and Chloe were his current wife Nicole’s second and third children. Nicole and Chase are presently residing in Hamburg. Cash was four years old when they married in June 2016. Cash liked gymnastics, singing, dancing, chatting, telling tales, and coon and deer shooting while attending Russellville Intermediate School. She also loved horses and desired to be a trick rider. Cash was meant to be used to attend college and get a Ranch Management degree.

A short history of his father, Chase Outlaw

Chase is a professional bull rider who was just appointed CEO of Outlaw Nation. He won five competitions at the top level, four at the Touring Pro level, and one in Canada. In Houston, Texas, he won the third PBR event and participated in the elite class.

He went on to win 11 premier televised competitions as well as a few additional events in Canada and Australia after making his debut in 2012. He began riding calves when he was four years old and bulls when he was 10.

Chase Outlaw

Twitter users pay homage to Cash

Because Chase Outlaw is a well-known figure in the sports world, many shared their sorrow on Twitter when they learned of his daughter’s death. See some of the tweets below. Cash’s mother Brett, father Chase, siblings Josie and Bristol, grandparents, seven cousins, and other family members survive her.

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