Celine Dion Announced That She Is Diagnosed With Stiff Person Syndrome

Celine Dion has been out of the public spotlight for the last year due to a health issue that she just disclosed. She did, however, release a lovely video wishing everyone a happy Christmas season. The My Heart Will Go On singer recently revealed that she has been suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, or SPS. The illness attacks the neurological and autoimmune systems, ultimately paralyzing the person. Despite her prognosis, Dion, 54, turned to Instagram to wish her 5.4 million admirers well in a multilingual video. She wished everyone health and happiness. She stated:

“I wish you love, happiness, and good health.”

Dion’s heartfelt speech was made even more poignant by her use of her mother language, which she shared with her French-speaking Canadian origins. Despite the fact that she was suffering from a terrible degenerative condition, she looked cheerful in her white and lavender jacket.

Celine Dion has decided to postpone her 2023 tour Following her illness

Celine Dion went to Instagram only two weeks ago to convey the news of her Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis, which has rendered her unable to perform to the best of her ability. She said that her illness had been unpleasant and difficult to handle, but she also regretted having to cancel her 2023 tour dates as a result of it.

Celine Dion

In an emotional video, the singer described how, although affecting one in a million people, the condition has not been researched sufficiently to find a cure. The singer said that she has been battling illness for a long time and that SPS impacts her everyday behavior. She stated:

“While we’re still studying this unusual ailment, we know this is what’s been causing all of the spasms that I’ve been suffering. Unfortunately, these spasms impair every area of my everyday life, sometimes making it difficult for me to walk and preventing me from utilizing my vocal chords to sing as I used to.”

Despite the bad news regarding her health, Celine Dion turned to Instagram once again to wish her fans a happy Christmas season. She used her French-Canadian heritage to make people’s Christmas wishes multilingual.

She began the video by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in both English and French. Celine wrote in the caption of the post:

“Everyone should have a Merry Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone.”

Celine Dion

She postponed her trip due to the epidemic, then again in January owing to health concerns. Celine Dion canceled eight summers 2023 gigs after being diagnosed with a severe and incurable condition that causes excruciating muscular spasms. Her spring 2023 engagements will now take place in 2024, she noted.

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