Caroline Gaultier Wiki: How Old Is She? Family And Net Worth Details

On August 2023, the new cast members of the reality program Real Housewives of Sydney were unveiled. Caroline Gaultier Wikipedia and family information are sought by fans. Caroline Gaultier, a socialite, has been named as the latest cast member for the Real Housewives of Sydney. The news was shared by the Australian star through an Instagram post.

Caroline is one of Sydney’s most fashionable party ladies, often seen at exclusive resorts, beaches, and hotels. Now, her fans and RHOS watchers are anxious to see what Gaultier has in store for the program and the audience.

Caroline Gaultier Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Sydney’s Real Housewives?

Caroline Gautier is a Sydney local who lives in a luxury mansion in Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia. She is a model and professional dancer who is said to be in her late forties. Gaultier has modeled for renowned Australian photographer and artist Francesca Owen. Similarly, she flourishes at Tulum and Nevada’s burning man fashion festivals. Caroline also spends most of her time at a fashion photoshoot and attending fancy parties with her wealthy pals. Gaultier previously resided in Japan and the Czech Republic, where she studied philosophy at the University of Tokyo.

Caroline Gaultier

Caroline taught elementary school students in Japan after graduation, but she eventually returned to Australia for personal reasons. Caroline Gaultier now lives freely, appreciating each moment and cherishing her life to the utmost.

Real Housewives of Sydney Caroline Gaultier Family

Caroline Gaultier was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and she is said to have been born to parents of diverse nationalities, maybe from Australia and Europe. Caroline married her ex-husband in Paris, but they eventually divorced due to a lack of chemistry and intimacy. She relocated to Australia with her two girls after their divorce to concentrate on their upbringing. Her eldest daughter, Gigi Evans, is a university student studying liberal arts. She’s also active on Tikitok, where she often shares movies with her pals. Furthermore, the daughter, Gigi, is studying in Australia. Caroline Gaultier, her mother, often publishes images on her Instagram account and expresses her love for her daughter.

Furthermore, nothing is known about her younger daughter since she seldom publishes images of them together. It’s possible that she’s also gone from her homeland to school. Caroline Gaultier’s devotion to her daughter is admirable. She often states that all she works and accomplishes is for the benefit of her two darling kids.

Caroline Gaultier

Caroline Gaultier Salary

Caroline’s precise wealth and net worth are yet to be determined. One thing is certain: the model and party girl is affluent. Caroline’s article and images of her affluent life show that she has the means to live such a life. She may have amassed a good chunk of money through her modeling profession. Furthermore, we will continue to see Caroline Gaultier’s opulent lifestyle on the upcoming program “Real Housewives of Sydney.”

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