Carol Castro And César Pantoja Are Expecting Their First Child

Carol Castro, a Mexican TikTok celebrity, confirmed her pregnancy with lover César Pantoja on November 21, 2022 in a YouTube video from her account. The video, titled “ESTOY EMBARAZADA!,” which translates to “I AM PREGNANT!,” reveals the long-rumored pregnancy of the pair.

Carol Castro is a Mexican TikTok celebrity noted for her lip-syncing and dancing videos to Justin Bieber and Lenny Tavarez songs. The 18-year-old started her Instagram account (@carolcastromx) in 2020. She quickly surpassed 10 million followers. Her video of a guy companion wearing a dress received over 14 million views. César Pantoja, her husband, is a TikToker from Mexico who uploads dance and lip-syncs videos to his account (@cesarpantoja.n). He rose to prominence after sharing a dance video with his renowned YouTuber brother, Juan de Dios Pantoja.

When fans found out about Castro’s pregnancy, they flocked to social media to congratulate the couple. One user tweeted:

Carol Castro’s admirers delight, “looking forward to that gorgeous baby.”

Carol Castro

Fans poured out their love and support after learning about Carol Castro’s pregnancy. Many people wished them well and hoped them a healthy and happy baby. Some admirers wanted to be a part of their whole pregnant experience. @Meli dmz, one fan, said (through Google Translate):

“Congratulations to both of you, and we look forward to seeing that lovely baby.”

A few admirers voiced their concerns about the parents’ young ages (Carol 18, and Cesar 22), calling them “immature.” Here are some comments in favor of the couple:

“It’s a really lovely period; I became pregnant at 19 and it’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to a mother, because they develop and learn so much together.” God bless you all three.”

“We feel we can be excellent parents,” Carol and Cesar remark.

Carol Castro and Cesar Pantoja began dating in April 2023 and announced their engagement in a YouTube video in July 2022. Since then, the pair has been dogged by pregnancy rumors, which they have never confirmed. However, in their most recent YouTube video, the pair discussed their love and pregnancy in great detail. They said that Carol is nearly 14 weeks pregnant, or three months and that they just found out about it last month.

Carol Castro

Despite their young ages, the pair reminded their fans that they are aware of the responsibilities that come with motherhood. Carol Castro expressed confidence in their capacity to be loving and competent parents. They concluded the video by promising to keep fans informed throughout the pregnancy.

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