Camilla Faustino Wiki: How Old Is She? Family & Bio

Camilla Faustino is regarded as one of the most famous voices in the Brazilian MPB music business. The musical performer is also a stage companion of legendary vocalist Toquinho. Faustino has been working in the music business for a long time. However, there are still many topics to uncover about her personal and professional life. Hence, here we provide a brief biography of the great Brazilian musical artist.

Camilla Faustino Wikipedia, Age And Biografia

Camilla Faustino was born on 9 February 1989 in Golania, Brazil. Thus, as of 2023, the skillful vocalist is 34 years old. Camilla is most known as a singer and Toquinho’s stage companion. Faustino defined herself as an independent singer on her Instagram Bio.

The dynamic vocalist has shocked her admirers with how quickly she changes between numerous musical styles while preserving her uniqueness. Her composition “Bossa, semper Bossa,” which pays homage to late performer Bossa Nova, won a Latin Grammy nomination. In an interview with Abramus, the stunning musician said that she grew up performing at an event held by a huge city hall and music festivals. She was exposed to television for the first time when she was 12 years old. Ffaustino worked with a national television network program, Gante Inocente (Rede Globo), for roughly a year.

Camilla Faustino

Camilla claimed she had a stronger understanding of what it was like to be a professional singer and was motivated to become one. The Golania native also mentioned that Marisa Monte had a tremendous effect on her career. The musical talent was just 11 years old when she first heard the iconic vocalist single “Amor I Love You” and fell in love with music. Moreover, Camilla has participated in the Raul Gil Program. The singer refers to her involvement as an uplifting and life-changing event in which she learned to know herself. In addition, Camilla got a huge $10,087 (50K reais) reward as champion. Faustino came to meet the great singer Toquinho via the program.

Camilla Faustino Family – Meet Her Parents And Siblings

Camilla was born to her mother, Suely. The name of Faustino’s biological father remains unknown. The singer’s mother remarried when her contact with her biological father dissolved. Camilla Faustino’s stepfather’s name is Xavier. Also, she has one brother Thiago.

As indicated above, despite Camilla Faustino’s engagement in the Brazilian music business for a long time, there are still many things to discover about her career. Due to such, there are scarce facts concerning the Brazilian musical artist’s parental history. However, Faustino once confessed that her mother introduced her to the music business.

Camilla Faustino

When the little vocalist was just 8, her mother put her up to various music events. Camilla participated in such events until she was 12 before she worked on a major television network program. The Brazilian musical singer says her mother, stepfather, aunt (Zenith), and brother had key roles in her career.

Camilla Faustino Is A Musical Partner Of Toquinho

Camilla Faustino has been sharing the stage with famed guitarist and vocalist Toquinho for a long time. As musical collaborators, the couple has toured Brazil and the globe. When asked how she feels about sharing a stage with the seasoned guitarist, Faustino remarked, “It is pure fun.” While emphasizing how easy going disposition Toquinho has, Camilla said she never had the struggle to sing with Toquinho.

“The trips are delicious; we eat well, laugh a lot and earn a little money. I can’t express it any other way: it’s joyful and rewarding to work and be with him,” added Camilla. There is a story stating Camilla Faustino and Toquinho are dating. But none of them have verified it.

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