Camila Homs- All About The Ex-Girlfriend Of Rodrigo De Paul

Camila Homs is well known as the former girlfriend of Atletico Madrid footballer Rodrigo De Paul. Homs is the elder of two sisters and the daughter of Liliana and Horacio Homs.

Quick Facts

Full Name Camila Homs
First Name Camila
Last Name Homs
Other Name Cami
Profession Celebrity Ex-Girlfriend
Father Name Horacio Homs
Father Profession Trade Unionist
Mother Name Liliana
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Rodrigo De paul
No Of Children 2
Date of Birth December 2, 1996
Age 25 years

Rodrigo was 15 when she first met him.

Homs, who attended the San Martin de Tours women’s school, was just 15 when she met Paul, who was 17 at the time and playing in Racing’s lower levels. Homs followed him during his journey throughout the globe. They have two gorgeous children as a result of their relationship. Francesca, their elder daughter, was born in January 2019, and Bautista, their boy, in July 2021. They were married till 2021.

She was upset and distressed following her divorce from Paul.

Following her divorce from Paul, Homs said in an interview that she was disappointed and anguished at the same time since she had a project in mind and that she may have considered reconciliation. Still, she couldn’t do it any longer. She also said that she has staked a lot on the family and has always been loyal, but she no longer wants to stay with them if others do not reciprocate.

Camila Homs

Her actions against her ex-partner almost cost him the World Cup.

Following their divorce, Homs initiated a lawsuit against Paul for child support and financial recompense, putting Paul in danger of missing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. She said that she had no intention of harming her ex’s career, but that it is her obligation as a mother to fight for her children and their future. She also expressed optimism that they will achieve a deal shortly. He is quite excited about the World Cup, she continued.

She also admitted to respecting and loving him since he is the father of her children. Paul made his Argentina debut in 2018 and has been a fixture since. Homs and Paul eventually struck a deal, but Homs sued him for failing to pay the relevant costs.

What did her ex-partner have to say about her new partner?

In a recent interview, Paul stated that the split between him and Homs was amicable, and their friendship was strong. Then he mentioned their video discussion. He said he conducted a video chat with his daughter during which he and Tini conversed with his daughter and Homs. Homs was there on the video chat with their daughter, so as their daughter paraded, Homs focused on her, and he and Tini cheered.

He went on to say that it’s quite apparent and very natural. He then said that his connection with Tini and Cami is crystal obvious and that they get along well. They text and chat to each other, and if Cami needs anything, she knows she can depend on him, and he knows he can count on her as well, and he does not want unsubstantiated stories to cause problems between them and their children’s upbringing.

Camila Homs

He further added that after he split from Homs, he met Tini, and, through time, they got to know each other and finally fell in love. He also said that Homs is dating her new boyfriend and rebuilding her life with him. He described Homs’ spouse as a kind guy who loves his children and celebrated Bautista’s birthday. Although Rodrigo was unable to attend his son’s birthday party due to Pre-Season, he told his family that he was there and that there would be no problems since he knows how he is with his children.

Net Worth

Her net worth is yet to be released, but we do know the net worth of her two children’s father, who has accumulated a sizable fortune through his spectacular football career. Rodrigo De Paul has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of January 2023.

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