BTS V’s Worldwide Fanbases Come Together To Give Significant Gifts To Flood Victims

BTS V supporters have united for a good cause, and we are delighted to announce it. Fans of the Singularity singer have banded together to make substantial contributions to flood relief efforts in South Korea in his honor. Aside from the $1.23 million gift to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Assistance Association for flood relief, BTS V’s worldwide fanbases, including @GlobalVUnion and fans from Australia, Canada, Spain, Japan, and the Philippines, have all contributed to typhoon relief efforts.

The sum has not been made public for informational purposes. For those uninformed, South Korea was attacked by a menacing typhoon dubbed Hinnamnor, inflicting catastrophic damage to the lives and homes of citizens of the nation. At least ten people were killed as a consequence of the typhoon, which wreaked devastation not just in Seoul but also in significant cities like Busan and Ulsan, destroying buildings and property. The nation has also experienced severe downpours and floods, which hit Seoul in August, inflicting irreparable damage to life and property, and in times like these, BTS V fans have genuinely shown their noble spirit.

The worldwide fanbases of BTS V contribute to a multitude of different charities

Charity really starts at home, and caring for the well-being of others requires a kind heart and a strong spirit, and BTS V’s worldwide fanbases have shown how much they care for the Sweet Night singer, his reputation, and mankind in general. In remembrance of the Bangtan member, BTS V’s fandom has donated to numerous charities. On Thursday, September 8, 2022, fans gathered to support different charities in honor of the sixth anniversary of the singer’s solo single Stigma from the album Wings. They gave to a number of charities to commemorate this.


BTS V’s fanbases have donated an undisclosed amount to various volunteer organizations such as “United Help Ukraine” to help war victims and refugees, “Sign Up Foundation”- a foundation that looks after the well-being of today’s youth, “Dream Nurturing” to aid children’s education and well-being, which is based in Vietnam, and finally, “Street Health Toronto,” a non-profit organization based in Canada. ARMYs are delighted and thrilled that BTS V’s fanbases have been doing so well, and they have gone to social media to share their feelings.

“They have a great attitude, exactly like Tae,” admirers write, and we completely agree. “Taehyung really has the finest fans,” and a kind gesture. BTS V and his followers, according to admirers, are an inspiration to everyone. Not only that, but BTS V fans have donated to animal welfare groups in memory of his beloved dog Yeontan. For those who are unaware, the Winter Bear singer acquired the puppy from an animal shelter and has been caring for him ever since. Yeontan is loved by both V and ARMYs, and every year they make multiple gifts to animal welfare groups to help stray and abandoned animals in need.

His fans also contributed to “Dogs Trust,” a dog welfare charity, “The Lost Dogs Home,” an animal rights organization, “Saigon Time Dog and Cat Support Group,” which cares for abandoned cats and dogs, and “FOUR PAWS International,” a worldwide animal welfare organization. Previously, V’s worldwide fanbases worked diligently to collect money for flood-ravaged Seoul citizens, contributing a generous sum to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) department on World Food Day and supporting a variety of humanitarian organizations.



BTS V’s Vogue Korea cover has received over one million pre-orders.

You may have seen the hashtag “Taehyung x Korea” trending on Twitter since Bangtan’s gorgeous visual member V will be on the cover of Vogue Korea next month. Pre-orders have already begun, and the October edition of the magazine had the highest-ever sales index in history, selling over one million copies in pre-orders on the first day.

V is definitely an “Icon of an Era,” as Vogue Korea put it, and we can’t wait to read the complete interview. The magazine has exclusive interviews and photos of the Bangtan star on 30 pages. ARMYs who want to pre-order his Vogue Korea issue, his first solo cover for the fashion magazine, may do so online starting September 8th at 11 am KST (7:30 am IST) and 10 am ET.

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