BTS’ V’s Instagram Photos And Stories Have Been Removed Ten Times

V (Kim Tae-Hyung) of BTS is infamous for erasing his postings across all social media sites. He had already removed shirtless photos from Reverse and snatches of unreleased music from Twitter.

Instagram had a similar experience. His Instagram handle is @thv, and he has around 37.5 million followers.

V, after a few scares, rapidly learned the ropes despite being new to Instagram. He now had a platform on which he could upload and delete photos as he pleased. As a result, he now only has 38 posts, which we’re fortunate enough not to be removed.

BTS’ V: 10 Instagram posts and stories that have gone from his page


1. Travel Song

V shared a video of himself driving around Hawaii’s streets while grooving to an unreleased track from his mixtape. Sadly, the song has been removed from his upcoming mixtape, exactly like this Instagram tale.

2) Have a great time!

V shared a video of himself lying naked in bed, toying with the zooming tool, on his Instagram story. It appeared to pique his interest. After giving ARMYs a heart attack, he hastily removed the story.

3) A gift for Christmas

V shared a shirtless photo of himself with a light stubble, taken late at night, showing off his home, which includes a lit-up Christmas tree. On Weverse, he even invited BTS’ RM to view his facial hair on his Instagram story. He did, however, erase it as well.

4) Drinking companions

V shared photos of himself hanging out with J-Hope, Jin, and RM from BTS. Prior to these photos, Jin and V were attempting to get J-Hope to join them for a night of drinking.

The photos had ARMYs wondering if they were sitting next to each other on the couch while posting on social media or if they were able to persuade J-Hope to abandon his other plans and join them instead.

5) Select a filter

V shared footage of himself experimenting with a face enlargement effect. After that, he posted a video of himself without the filter, delighting ARMYs with his genuine beauty.

6) J-Hope in Hawaii

V documented his journey to Hawaii on Instagram in a series of tales. He even uploaded a photo of himself and BTS member J-Hope in the pool. Nobody knows why he later erased the photos.

7) Park Hyoshin and V

V was spotted hanging out with Park Hyo-Shin, a Korean deep ballad artist whose music V adores. He even expressed his desire for an album on his Instagram account. These reports were likewise quickly removed.

8) Photograph of a boyfriend

V shared the same photo from Weverse on his Instagram account. When BTS’ Jin saw this photo on Instagram, he remarked underneath it, “boyfriend material photo.” This led to some amusing back-and-forth between the two, culminating with V removing the post from his stream.

9) V and Tan

V shared adorable photos of himself and his puppy, Yeontan, on his Instagram story. They were lounging about together, which was a sweet sight to behold. However, that sight did not last long since he erased the photos.

10) The mysterious case of the unanswered emails

V was evidently bored, so he requested that ARMYS send him a question via his Instagram story. He quickly realized, though, that he had no idea where to look for those responses. Furthermore, he chuckled at the scenario, embarrassed, and vowed to return after learning more about it.

He then erased his posts after conducting a poll asking “yes” or “no” without asking any questions. Since the bulk of people answered yes, ARMYs believe the issue was whether he should remove his posts.

Many of V’s posts would have been deleted forever if it hadn’t been for swift ARMYs, who captured screenshots of photographs and downloaded the vids. Nobody knows why he deletes all of his posts, but ARMYs always retain a backup for everybody to see.

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