BTS V Is Voted The ‘Most Handsome Face Of K-pop’ In 2022

V from BTS, real name Kim Tae-Hyung, is back in the spotlight for his unrivaled beauty and charisma. On the Brazilian entertainment site Dabeme Pop, which is a prominent online voting platform, the K-pop idol was voted #1 as the ‘Most Handsome Face of K-pop.’

Each member of the world-famous K-pop group has been acknowledged for their individual strengths and talents since the group’s formation. They’ve also won a number of online vote contests in various categories. TC Candler had previously named Jungkook and V among the top ’10 Most-Handsome Faces in the World.’

Most Handsome Faces of K-pop’ includes BTS’ V, Jimin, Bambam, Mark Tuan, and others.

Dabeme Pop, a Brazilian entertainment website, published a list of the ‘Top 100 – Most Handsome Faces of K-pop in 2022′ on March 22. The results were in favor of BTS’ V, and he was crowned the ‘Most Handsome Face of K-pop’ in 2022 after accumulating votes from fans all over the world.


V took first place on the list with 1,567,464 votes, while Jimin came in second with 1,237,456 votes. Jungkook, a member of the group, comes in fifth place. As fans have pointed out, V’s lead is well-deserved, as the K-pop artist has also been selected as the visual center of K-pop by several Korean media outlets.

GOT7 and BTS members dominated the top fourteen spots on the internet list. Due to the fact that both groups have seven members, it’s clear that Ahgases and ARMYs had a head-to-head vote competition.

V’s face characteristics are well-known not just in the K-pop business but also across the world. Multiple international media outlets have ranked the talented artist among the ‘Most Handsome Men of 2022’ lists since the beginning of the year, alongside celebrities such as Henry Cavill, Robert Patterson, and others.

Fans Are Overjoyed That BTS V Has Won First Place

When fans heard the news, they flocked to Twitter to congratulate V on winning the online voting contest, and they expressed their delight by submitting numerous photos and videos of V from throughout his career as proof of his victory.

Meanwhile, South Korean cosmetic doctors praised V for his great optics and symmetrical face in a recent YouTube video.

V’s facial traits are considered a national treasure, according to them. The doctors proceeded to laud his face, pointing out that he had certain unique traits that set him apart from other Koreans. V’s side profile, according to Dr. Lee Jae-jun, is a piece of art.

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