Brian McKnight And Leilani Mendoza Are Expecting Their Fourth Child Together

Brian McKnight and his wife, Leilani Mendoza, are expecting their other child. McKnight shared the news on social media with a few photos, including one of him cradling Mendoza’s baby belly. The captions for the photos were similar:

“We are overjoyed to finally announce that Baby McKnight is on his way!!!!!!! To my lovely wife, you are my everything, my idol, my reason for life, and I adore you.”

Julia, Jack, and Kekoa Matteo are Brian and Leilani’s three children. Kekoa was sadly killed as a newborn.

Brian McKnight is the father of six kids.

Brian McKnight married singer-songwriter Julie McKnight in 1990. They soon had two children, Brian Jr., and Niko, but the couple separated in 2003. Brian’s ex-wife Julia, according to sources, raised their children while he was busy creating music and traveling. The children had a nice connection with their father when they were younger, but they are no longer on good terms. Brian and Niko are presently working in the music business and have created the C.A.T.S. production team with Thomas Williams.

Brian McKnight

Brian is also the father of a girl, Brianna McKnight, the identity of whose mother is unknown. In 2014, the singer started dating Leilani Mendoza, and they married in May 2017. Brian and Leilani married in December 2017, and they have three children: Julia, Jack, and Kekoa Matteo. Kekoa Matteo died as an infant. McKnight went up about his loss on social media in May 2022, saying it had a big impact on him, but he thinks Kekoa is still with them, just like Julia and Jack. The message included a photo of him caressing Mendoza’s tummy, with Julia and Jack nearby. McKnight went on to say,

“The resilience I witnessed in you during the death of our son, as well as the fortitude to cope with the most difficult loss we’ve ever had in our lives, was simply incredible.” “I’m speechless.”

Some individuals misinterpreted the message as Brian leaving Brianna, Niko, and Brian. He did not, however, reply to the allegations of child desertion.

All About Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight earned his first recording contract with Wing Records when he was 19 years old, and two years later, in 1992, he released his self-titled first album, which reached number 58 on the Billboard 200 list. He proceeded to make albums such as I Remember You and Anytime, which received Best Male Video nominations at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

Brian McKnight

Back at One, Brian’s most popular album, was released the next year, selling over three million copies. McKnight signed with Warner Bros. Records in late 2005 and released the album Ten in December 2006, which was a great hit. With albums like Better and Genesis, the 53-year-old maintained his great career. In 2018, he stated that he was working on his new album, Bedtime Story.

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