Brian Kozera Passed Away At The Age Of 44

Brian Kozera, an Ironman triathlete and seasoned police officer, died recently at the age of 44. The 16-year Norristown Police Department veteran was killed in a horrific bicycling accident over the weekend. On August 14, he was riding in Caernarvon Township, Pennsylvania, when he collided with a vehicle. According to TMZ, Brian ran a stop sign and collided with the passenger side of the truck. He was apparently pushed off his bike and became entangled in the car’s back tire. He died from his injuries after being transferred to a neighboring hospital.

Brian Koreza overcame cancer.

Brian Kozera was a seasoned police officer, athlete, husband, father, and cancer survivor who was preparing for the Ironman World Championship in Lancaster County. The World Triathlon Corporation, which organizes long-distance triathlon competitions across the world, organizes the championship. In 2015, Kozera triumphed against Hodgkins Lymphoma, a kind of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. He runs an Ironman fundraising blog in order to raise funds for advanced cancer research. Kozera described his battle with cancer in a blog post. He stated the following:

“My cancer adventure started in April 2014, when I was preparing for a local triathlon… My life was going to alter forever when a hernia put me in my local hospital. My surgeon discovered a suspicious lymph node, which was later confirmed as Lymphocyte Depleted Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare malignancy. To say we were taken aback would be an understatement.”

Brian Kozera

His fight with cancer inspired him to become an Ironman competitor when he conquered it in 2015. He highlighted how hard he worked following his recuperation to become an athlete. Kozera stated:

“In April 2016, I flew to New Orleans and completed a tough half-Ironman in windy conditions. I came to Austria on June 26, 2016, only 418 days after my transplant, to participate in the 140.6-mile Ironman. I was flourishing, not simply existing.”

Brian Kozera was also proud of his profession as a cop. In the same blog post, he praised himself for being able to return to work as a full-time cop after overcoming cancer. The Norristown Police Department, where Brian worked, expressed their sorrow at his untimely death on Twitter. They observed:

“We learned today that one of our own, 16-year veteran Cpl. Brian Kozera, died as a result of injuries sustained in an off-duty collision. Keeping his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time.”

Brian Kozera

More information about Brian Kozera’s family

As a family guy, Brian Kozera enjoyed spending time with his wife Kristin and their kids. He also said in his blog that after overcoming cancer, he was able to expose his three kids, Paige, Josie, and Avery, to the delights of outdoor activities. He praised his daughter Avery, who was diagnosed with CDKL5 deficient illness, saying that her “drive” helped him reach his goals. Brian wrote:

“Seeing Avery’s drive inspired me to pursue my goals. I earned a Silver All World Athlete title after completing five full-distance Ironman contests, including three in one year in Lake Placid, New York, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Cozumel, Mexico.”

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