Brian Kelley And Tyler Hubbard Shared The Stage For Last Time Before Splitting

Florida Georgie Line, an American country music duet, recently announced their divorce. The Grammy-nominated duo, comprised of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, had their last performance on August 31 before disbanding.

Where did Kelley and Hubbard perform as Florida Georgia Line for the final time? at the Minnesota State Fair.

According to accounts, the two exchanged high-fives and brotherly grins throughout the grandstand performance. The pair had previously said that they will pursue their own professions separately. However, there are rumors that the couple is breaking up due to divergent political views.

The Star Tribune of Minnesota cited Hubbard as saying:

“This is our last performance as Florida Georgia Line. Let’s check how much fuel remains in the tank.”

Moreover, he added:

Thank you for allowing us to pursue this insane dream of composing music and performing live in the hopes that someone may come up to listen. It is quite thrilling for us to look forward and discover what lies ahead. And the next chapter is incredibly exciting, but we want to enjoy this one with you.

In February, Florida Georgia Line announced they would be taking a sabbatical.

Florida Georgie Line announced in February that they will be taking a sabbatical. Kelley, from Florida, and Hubbard, from Georgia, stated that they would be taking a sabbatical from making music. The band told People that they are not disbanding, but rather doing what they must as artists. Kelly said at the time:

Back a few years ago, we began writing independently and experimenting with other authors, and now we’re both doing the same with our music.

Brian Kelley

Additionally, the artists had divergent political beliefs and have been outspoken about them in the past.

During the 2020 US presidential elections, the two had a publicly recorded difference of opinion on their respective views. Hubbard and his wife Hayley declared support for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, whilst Kelley hinted at his support for President Trump. They also unfollowed Kelley on Instagram because they did not want to see his election-related postings.

Hubbard was reported by SiriusXM Exit 209 as stating in November:

“I stopped following BK for a few days when we were in the midst of this election and everything else that was occurring. And I even contacted him to tell him, ‘Hey buddy, I love you,’ I said. And I adore you far more in real life than I do right now on your Stories. I am thus unfollowing you. It’s not personal. I still adore you. You continue to be my brother.’”

More about Florida Georgie Line

Brian Kelley

In 2010, Florida Georgie Line was founded. Cruise, their first song, was released in 2012. In 2019, Florida Georgia Line released the Grammy-nominated album Meant to Be featuring Bebe Rexha. The artists have also independently pursued solo careers. This year, Kelly released his first solo album, Sunshine State of Mind, as well as American Spirit. From his most recent album, Dancin’ in the Country, Hubbard released the track Undivided featuring Tim McGraw and 5 Foot 9.

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