Brendan Gleeson Has A Huge Influence On His Son’s Career

Brendan Gleeson is an actor deserving of the moniker “living legend” in Hollywood. Before becoming a professional actor, the Irish actor worked as a teacher for many years. He took the risk at the age of 34. He shined in Irish films such as I went Down and The General within a year of changing careers. Then the Hollywood offers began to pour in. “It never occurred to me that I might be a movie star,” the actor stated.
One of Gleeson’s most notable roles is as Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody in the Harry Potter series. He has also worked with renowned directors such as Martin McDonagh, Michael McDonagh, and Steven Spielberg.

However, the icon told The Sun in 2018 that he is no longer the big shot at home, referring to his two actor kids.

The Influence of Brendan Gleeson on His Son’s Career

Gleeson and his wife, Mary Weldon, have four sons: Domhnall, Fergus, Brian, and Rory. Inspiring his lads was one of the main reasons Gleeson took on the character of Mad-Eye Moody. “They were the reason I did it,” the actor said. Domhnal and Brian, two of his sons, followed in his footsteps and became actors. Both of his kids are now household names. He provided solid guidance to his two boys. “Make your own art,” the actor said. Hire a space, gather 30 people for lunch or something, and put on a play.”

Brendan Gleeson

“Being at the mercy of others is the most difficult element of this work, therefore my suggestion would be to really practice your craft: just do it,” the Harry Potter star continued. As an outstanding performer and a devoted dad, Gleeson had a profound influence on his oldest son. “I’m blessed because my father is a difficult, fantastic guy,” Domhnall told The Sun.

“He’s absolutely the finest dad in the world, so all of my childhood memories are inextricably bound up with him,” the Star Wars star remarked of his father. Domhnal played Bill Weasley with his father in Harry Potter, and he also played General Hux in another famous series, Star Wars. Brian, on the other hand, is well-known for his parts in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Phantom Thread, and Peaky Blinders.

Domhnall Gleeson and the two Gleeson brothers have collaborated on their 2021 comedy, Frank of Ireland. Despite his success as an actor, Domhnall says he prefers writing and directing. It’s not only the two brothers who have collaborated. Gleeson collaborated on a project with all four of his boys.

Brendan Gleeson collaborated with his four sons.

All four of Gleeson’s boys appeared in his directorial debut. As a consequence, the production of the short film Psychic was a family affair. A tale about a charming psychic (Brendan Gleeson) who is pulled out of retirement by his manipulating kids (real-life sons Domhnall and Brian) and compelled to travel. Brendan’s writer son Rory wrote the tale, while his other son Fergus created the film’s soundtrack.

Brendan Gleeson

This was not Gleeson’s first time working with his boys. In 2014, he featured in a performance of The Walworth Farce with Domhnall Gleeson and Brian. The actor from the Guard adored working with his boys. “I like working with them.” “It keeps me on my toes a little,” Gleeson added. It won’t be the last time they collaborate.

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