Brad William Henke Passed Away At The Age Of 56

Brad William Henke, actor, and NFL star died on November 29, 2022, at the age of 56. He was well-known for his roles in a number of television series and films. Henke died peacefully in his sleep, according to his family. His representative, Sheree Cohen, verified the death, although no cause of death has been released as of the writing of this piece. Furthermore, nothing can be predicted based on the late actor’s health history.
Henke’s management, Mat DelPiano, announced the news in a statement, saying:

“Brad was a wonderful guy with boundless enthusiasm.”

He went on:

“A really brilliant actor, he enjoyed being a part of our group… and we reciprocated.” “Our hearts go out to his wife and family.”

Henke was well-known for his roles in films such as Pacific Rim, Fury, Cold Brook, Arkansas, World Trade Center, and others, in addition to Orange Is the New Black. He has appeared in TV shows such as Providence, Dexter, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and others.

Brad In Orange Is the New Black, William Henke played Desmond Piscatella.

Despite having performed a number of parts throughout the years, Brad William Henke rose to prominence as Desmond Piscatella in the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black. Desmond was a bad character that featured in the program from the fourth to sixth seasons. Despite playing a little part, the character’s presence added significantly to the plot of the program. He enjoyed being the guy in command and was always proud of his position in front of the detainees. Despite this, he was not very successful at his job since his crew was abusive, which jeopardized the convicts’ safety. Desmond, on the other hand, did all he could to avoid punishment and tortured the detainees in order to instill fear in others so they would not refuse his commands.

Things became worse when Desmond went psychotic and began kidnapping and torturing the detainees. Although he experienced a change of heart towards the end of the series, he was unable to live the life of a decent man when he was slain by a CERT officer. Orange Is the New Black aired for seven seasons and 91 episodes between July 11, 2013, and July 26, 2019. It was well welcomed by reviewers and spectators alike.

Brad William Henke was an NFL player as well.

Brad William Henke, born on April 10, 1966, graduated from the University of Arizona. Details regarding his parents and early life are presently missing. Despite joining the New York Giants, the late actor was released during a training session. He later joined the Denver Broncos and rose to prominence in the NFL until a series of injuries and subsequent operations forced him to retire in 1994.

Brad William Henke

Henke then dabbled with acting, appearing in a few commercials. He soon started appearing in episodes like The Amateurs, In the Valley of Elah, Must Love Dogs, October Road, Dexter, MacGyver, and others. He was also nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Orange Is the New Black. His wife Sonja, stepson Aaden, stepdaughter Leasa, and grandson Amirah survive him.

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