Bona And Woo Do-hwan Is Said To Be Feature In Joseon Lawyer

WJSN member Bona and actor Woo Do-hwan are believed to feature in the forthcoming drama Joseon Lawyer together. The forthcoming historical drama, based on a webtoon of the same name, recounts the life of ethically ambiguous lawyer Kang Han-soo, who is infamous for launching pre-planned cases. Kang Han-soo unwittingly becomes acclaimed as a problem solution and a hero for the ordinary people of the Joseon era by exploiting the sentiments of mistreated victims. He finally changes his mind and becomes a really just lawyer.


Bona and Woo Do-hwan are now considering the chance to feature in Joseon Lawyer.

On May 10, multiple Korean news outlets reported that the two had been given the starring roles in Joseon Lawyer.
The reports were quickly validated by the different agencies. The claims were substantiated by Bona’s agency, King Kong by Starship, who said,

“It is true that Bona has been offered a role in ‘Joseon Lawyer.’ “She is considering the offer.”

KeyEast, the actor’s agency, also responded positively, saying,

“Woo Do-hwan has gotten the screenplay and is contemplating acting in the drama.”


Bona is apparently being considered for the role of Kang Han-client, soo’s Lee Yeon-Joo, after the success of Twenty Five, Twenty One. Despite her appearance as a commoner who has been treated unfairly, Lee Yeon-hoo has many secrets of her own. Her first encounter with Kang Han-soo is clouded by resentment and secrets, but the two quickly warm up to one other.

Woo Do-hwan, on the other hand, is said to be in talks to portray Kang Han-soo, the eponymous Joseon Lawyer. He is the best lawyer in Hanyang (modern-day Seoul). Kang Han-soo, who is knowledgeable and skilled at manipulation, is both admired and envied by many. Initially driven purely by vengeance and deception, the lawyer gradually transforms into a voice of the people and a hero.

Woo Do-hwan

All About Joseon Lawyer

Joseon Lawyer is based on the Gyeongguk Daejeon, a code of law from the late Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasties, the tale and characters are entirely fictitious. According to reports, the program would cross genres by combining the popular historical drama genre with romance, retribution, and the law.

After stunning viewers with her performances in Girls’ Generation 1979, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and Hit the Top, Bona will be hoping for another great endeavor. Woo Do-hwan earned a name for himself in films such as “Sweet Stranger and Me,” “The Divine Fury,” and “The King: Eternal Monarch.” He is presently working on Hunting Dogs, another anticipated drama.

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