Blueface And Jaidyn Alexis Welcomed Their Second Child

Alexis announced the news of her second kid on Instagram, posting a photo of herself clutching her newborn’s little foot. Alexis revealed her pregnancy to Blueface on Instagram in December 2021 by sharing a video of her pregnancy reveal. In the video, she is seen handing the rapper a present box in front of a Christmas tree. The caption stated:

“I suppose Christmas arrived early this year.”

In the footage, the couple’s youngster can be seen continuously urging his father to open the package. After opening the package, he recognized it was a positive pregnancy test and asked Alexis, “Are you pregnant?” The artist was seen embracing her after she said yes. Blueface also has a five-year-old son. Blueface and Alexis Jaidyn have a 5-year-old son in addition to their newborn daughter.

Who Is Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn J. Porter was born on April 29, 2019, and has made multiple radio appearances alongside his father. He also appeared on Bluface’s 2018 album Dead Locs. Blueface has the name of his kid tattooed on his right forearm. In an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the rapper claimed that while Javaughn’s mother worked all day throughout the week, he got to spend a lot of time with him and had a tight relationship with him as a consequence.

Jaidyn Alexis

While Alexis and Blueface sometimes write about their kid, it should be emphasized that they have never divulged much about Javaughn’s personal life. Jaidyn Alexis is a fictional character. Jaidyn Alexis is a well-known Instagram model and social media influencer. She is well-known for posting images of her daily life on Instagram, where she has over 200,000 followers. In 2019, she began uploading photos on Instagram. he is also the CEO of Babyface Skin & Body LLC in Glendale, California. Despite her popularity, she lacks a Wikipedia page, therefore specific information on her career and parents is unknown.

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’s relationship

Despite the fact that they met in high school and had two children together, the couple is no longer together. Jaidyn became a social media sensation in 2020 when she wrecked the rapper’s vehicle and property after catching him cheating on her with another lady. When Porter has connected to another lady again in 2021, Alexis shared a video of the two of them, hinting that they were still dating. The video has now been removed.


Alexis hasn’t uploaded any images of the rapper in a long time, but she routinely posts photos of her baby. Blueface rose to prominence with the release of the music video for Respect My Cryppin’ in 2018. He was later signed to the record company Cash Money West, where he launched his most hit track, Thotiana. Find the Beat, his first album, was published in 2020. Porter has had an on-again, off-again romance with Chrisean Rock. Rock allegedly knocked out one of Alexis’ teeth in a previous confrontation. In February 2022, Rock was caught in Oklahoma after stealing Porter’s automobile and driving back to Baltimore. Porter’s boss also accused her of sneaking into their home and stealing money as well as their Mercedes G-Wagon.

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