Blac Chyna Sued The Kardashian-Jenners In 2022 For Canceling Her E Series Rob & Chyna In 2017

In 2017, Blac Chyna claimed the Kardashians had harmed her “financially and emotionally.” She explained on Twitter on April 3 why she hasn’t dropped her case against the Kar-Jenners. In a statement, Chyna stated she wanted to “refocus” on the trial of Kris Jenner, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner. The court hearing should begin in 13 days. Chyna:

“When they destroyed my #1 hit program in January 2017, it wounded me financially, emotionally, and it harmed my kids.”

The legal fight, Chyna said, will teach her kids right from wrong.

The jury will now hear what transpired behind closed doors — the falsehoods spoken and the harm done. Blac Chyna has two kids from two guys. Her son with rapper Tyga King Cairo was born in 2012, and Dream, her daughter with Rob Kardashian, in 2016. Earlier this week, Chyna claimed on social media that her ex-partners Tyga and Rob Kardashian were not paying child support for her children. They both attacked the socialite, alleging they each spent thousands to support their kids.

Why did Blac Chyna sue the Kar-Jenners?

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna sued the Kardashian-Jenners in 2017 over the termination of her E! series Rob & Chyna. Her ex-fiance at the time, Rob Kardashian, is also mentioned. Blac Chyna blamed the reality TV family for the cancellation of the program because they interfered with production.

Blac Chyna

She also claimed the family used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season.” Sources tell E! that Chyna’s claims were untrue. They claimed to have proof that Chyna was the reason the program was canceled. Blac Chyna reportedly made filming difficult, if not impossible, by refusing to be in the same room with Rob. Insiders suggest the network was also unhappy with the first season’s ratings.

Blac Chyna

A friend of Chyna’s believes Rob verbally and physically abused her. In April 2017, Rob allegedly stole her phone and shoved her down in front of her and Tyga’s son King Cairo. Rob sued Blac Chyna for assault, violence, and vandalism in September 2017. He accused Chyna of causing $100,000 in damage to the home he was renting from Kylie Jenner. Rob claims Chyna attempted to choke him with an iPhone wire, beat him with a metal rod, and suffocate him with an iPhone cable. In February 2022, Rob dropped the charges against her, citing his wish to “prosecute my accusations against her mother in a public trial.” La Superior Court in Los Angeles will hear Chyna vs. Kardashian on April 15.

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