Bang Chan Has Been The Youngest K-pop Star To Reach The Top 10 On The KOMCA

Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids, has become the youngest K-pop star to reach the Top 10 on the KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association) list. This is due to the idol’s versatility. He has the ability to rap, sing, dance, produce, write, and create music. He’ll turn 25 in a few days, but according to September 19 KOMCA statistics, he’s already written 137 songs. With the release of HEYDAY (Street Man Fighter Vol. 4 Dance Crew OST) on September 20, one more song has been added to the songwriting catalog of Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN’s (3RACHA). This brings the leader’s total song credits to 138, matching him for eighth place with BAP’s Yongguk.

However, at just 24 years old, he is the youngest K-pop star to accomplish this astounding record. RAVI, RM of BTS, PSY, G-Dragon, and Zico are among the other idols in the top ten. Not only is the God’s Menu founder the youngest, but he is also the only fourth-generation K-pop star on the KOMCA list. Changbin and HAN, his fellow 3RACHA members, are now ranked 17th and 18th with 122 and 119 tracks, respectively (which will be +1 each if HEYDAY’s release is added in the next ranking).

Bang Chan

Bang Chan’s success is celebrated by the STAY fans.

After seven years as a trainee, Bang Chan, the leader charged with picking his members to debut with, is currently the youngest K-pop idol and the only fourth-generation idol to rank in the top ten of the KOMCA credits list. Fans on Twitter are overjoyed, as the newest update on the KOMCA website shows the Stray Kids leader in 10th place. This hypothesis is confirmed by HEYDAY, a piece 3RACHA published for Street Man Fighter a day ago. Bang Chan has 138 composition credits, including songs from the group’s next album MAXIDENT and HEYDAY.

Fans welcomed this feat on Twitter by recalling the difficulties Bang Chan has faced since his debut. They also lauded the idol for being the KOMCA’s most acknowledged fourth-generation K-pop star. Notably, Changbin and HAN of Stray Kids are the only fourth-generation K-pop stars on the KOMCA top 20 list. PSY, G-Dragon, BTS’ RM and SUGA, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, DAY6’s Young K, HIGHLIGHT’s Jun Hyung, and others share space with them.

Bang Chan

The MANIAC group’s discography includes 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN). They are regarded as rare idols that create, compose, and arrange their own music. The group’s classic title songs Hellevator, Side Effects, MIROH, God’s Menu, Back Door, and, most recently, Thunderous and MANIAC were created by the 3RACHA unit. Stray Kids has been in the K-pop business for four and a half years and has continued to impress. It will be fascinating to see whether the Stray Kids leader can ever crack the top 5 on the KOMCA list.

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