Bachelorette Star’s Thomas Jacobs And Becca Kufrin Got Engaged

The Bachelorette alum Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin are officially engaged after dating for less than a year. On Sunday, May 29, the couple revealed the news on Instagram. Thomas Jacobs accepted Becca Kufrin’s proposal. Thomas had been on The Bachelorette twice but left with no dating prospects.

Who exactly is Thomas Jacobs?

Thomas Jacobs is from San Diego, California, and attended the University of San Diego. The real estate agent, 28, grew raised in a military household. He has also previously taught football. Since 2016, he has been among the top 3% of all real estate professionals in San Diego, according to Zillow. He is a member of the San Diego Realtors Association.

His love language is food, according to his ABC profile. Thomas made his debut on The Bachelorette Season 17 but was immediately sent out in Week 3 when Katie Thurston got worried about his conduct on the program. Other guys on the show branded his behavior manipulative,’ and he informed Katie that he was dubbing himself the season’s Bachelor. Katie trusted the other guys and refused to listen to Jacob’s defense. During the third rose ceremony, she sent him home. He returned for the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise but was eliminated in the sixth week.

Thomas Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin’s relationship

In the summer of 2021, Thomas Jacobs met Becca Kufrin while filming the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise. Becca has previously been engaged on the program with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garrett Yrigoyen, but she chose to give the reality TV dating show another shot.  Jacobs was first interested in dating Tammy Ly, but he eventually opted to pursue Becca. On the Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation podcast in October 2021, she discussed her first encounter with Jacobs. She said,

“He informed me that my credit card had been refused.”

Thomas Jacobs

After an unpleasant initial encounter, the pair became close during shooting for the program in Mexico, but Becca declined to leave with him in the finale, saying,

“I feel like you are so excellent at being encouraging, optimistic, and surprising me in the greatest ways, but I also feel like it is sometimes too good to be true, which terrifies me. I’ve been here twice before, and I couldn’t leave feeling good about leaving with someone I didn’t really trust.”

The pair reunited after shooting for the program, and Becca even informed her mother that Jacobs was the guy she wanted to marry. They spoke about “everything and everything” until “like, three or four a.m.” She said that in October 2021,

“I assume he grabbed me up and kissed me the second I saw him because I flew back to L.A. and then drove out to San Diego, and then we just had infinite time to explore what this might be.”

In December 2021, the pair stated that they had been dating for six months. Jacobs would often contact her, asking what sort of engagement ring she preferred. In May 2022, the pair got engaged after dating for less than a year.

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