Baby Owls sleep on their Bellies, because their Heads are too Weighty to maintain up with

Because each species is unique in its own way, we have a lot to learn about them. When it comes to baby animals, their behavior is particularly endearing and distinct from that of adults. 

Baby owls sleep on their bellies, did you know?

Yes, it is correct. The mature owls have the strength to sleep with their heads tense. However, because owls’ heads are heavier than their bodies, baby owls are unable to sleep in the same manner.

For this, the babies select an ideal location where they will not fall. They also use their hallux, or back toe, to maintain their balance.

Mark Rees, a journalist, sought to capture the beauty of owl babies sleeping. He became famous after posting many photographs of owls sleeping on their bellies.

The owls only sleep for a short period of time. So, once they’ve gotten up, they’re pretty much human.

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