August Alsina Refers To His Entanglement With Jada Pinkett Smith In His New Song

In his newest song, Shake the World, rapper August Alsina refers to his “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith. This follows Pinkett Smith’s husband Will Smith’s now-famous Oscars smack. As netizens decipher the lyrics to the current song, it has been reported that the 29-year-old would write a book on his relationship with the Red Table Talk presenter.

On Tuesday, April 5, the R&B artist released his tune. In the song, he referred to his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith:

“I heard I was canceled / Let’s talk about it / Red dot on my back / I became a target / And I’m imperfect but faultless / That’s what makes me August.”

August Alsina

In allusion to the Smiths, he proceeded to sing about the “world’s favorite”:

“I heard there’s some sh*t going to go down when you received a billion bucks on the elevator / Well, of course some sh*t was destined to go down when you got tangled up with the world’s favorite.”

In 2020, the 50-year-old admitted to having an extramarital romance with the rapper. She brought her husband, Will Smith, to her program, and the two spoke about their marriage and August Alsina in front of the whole globe.

August Alsina spoke out about his “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith.

In a 2020 interview with the Breakfast Club, August Alsina claimed that he was romantically linked with the Gotham actress. He said that prior to his relationship with the celebrity wife, he had “literally never been in love.” He went on:

“I completely dedicated myself to that connection for years of my life, and I honestly and truly, profoundly adore and have a ton of affection for her.” I dedicated myself to it; I gave it my all.”


August Alsina met Jada Pinkett Smith via her son Jaden Smith. She said on Red Table Talk that the rapper, who was 23 at the time she met him, was suffering from a hereditary liver condition and she wanted to assist him. Pinkett Smith also said that her “entanglement” with the artist was “definitely” a “relationship” and not a “dalliance.” She went on to say that incident happened when she and her spouse were briefly separated.

August Alsina

Although Alsina has always believed that Will Smith granted him permission to have sexual relations with his wife, the Smiths have categorically denied that the Oscar winner gave his wife permission to have an affair. Following the Red Table Talk episode, the term “entanglement” quickly became a meme on the internet. In 2020, the rapper released a song named Entanglements in allusion to the same. He sung in it:

“Entanglement is when you tangle in the sheets/Girl, I know we don’t call it a relationship, but you’re still f—king with me.”

Since the Alsina-Pinkett Smith romance gained popularity on social media, the rapper has made comments about it, adding fuel to the flames. According to Metro UK, the artist will also sign a book contract in which he will reveal his connection with the Girls Trip actress. According to the newspaper, he will sign a six-figure contract for his tell-all book.

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