ATEEZ Has Released A Preview For Their New Comeback Title Track HALAZIA

SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, ATEEZ’s highly awaited return, has published a teaser picture of its title single, HALAZIA, and the cinematic experience it gives has fans going wild. The already building excitement and anticipation for ATEEZ’s next album were further increased after the teaser release on December 27, 2022. The thrilling track’s official music video and accompanying album, SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, will be released on December 30, 2022, at 2 PM KST.

Fans who are anxiously anticipating its release can’t help but revisit the teaser in search of indications that may indicate what the album contains. Less than two days before its release, many people have started making plans to express love and support to their favorites.

“I can’t wait any longer,” say fans in response to ATEEZ’s forthcoming music video and HALAZIA teaser picture.

ATEEZ, known for its intriguing and inventive album conceptions, is back with another concept that has layers of significance. With each return, ATINYs (ATEEZ fanbase) anxiously await the addition of their continuous narrative idea, which develops in relevancy with each album release. With the HALAZIA teaser picture, ATEEZ’s gloomy, emo, and apocalyptic aesthetic has been heightened. The group was dressed in light post-apocalyptic garb, including similar sweatshirts with a few white stripes.


Fans have gotten interested as to what it may mean, with flaming fire flames and street speakers as their background. Soon after the teaser picture was released, ATINYs went to Twitter to share their emotions, speculations, and views.

ATEEZ’s most recent return SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS – Album information, concept art, and more

KQ Entertainment announced on December 13, 2022, that the eight-member K-pop boy group would return with a full-length album release, SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, including the title single HALAZIA. Many fans were stunned by the revelation, considering that the trio had just recently released their third Japanese mini album, THE WORLD EP. PARADIGM. Fans have been anxiously anticipating its release since its announcement. The physical record will be available in three versions: A, Z, and WITNESS, with the last being a limited edition copy. The A and Z editions would shuffle ATEEZ’s album ideas, with both featuring traditional album entities such as photocard, micro disc, polaroid, sticker, album jacket, and more.


The original idea for the album SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS is similar to the HALAZIA teaser picture, with them in matching hoodies and close-up images of their faces. The second idea includes a twist with each member situated in diverse surroundings and esthetics, enticing viewers even more on the uniqueness of the concept photographs portray. The final idea dresses them for a moderately regal setting with colorful surroundings while preserving their dystopian esthetic.

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