Aries Spears Is Facing Backlash After He Made A Remark About Lizzo’s Appearance

Aries Spears, an American stand-up comedian, was chastised online for making provocative remarks regarding Lizzo’s looks. During a recent episode of Mighty Bolton’s The Art Of Dialogue, the 47-year-old made some nasty statements about the Good as Hell singer’s body weight, something she has grappled with throughout her music career.

Spears started his dubious comment by claiming Lizzo creates nice music, then adding:

“I can’t get over how much she resembles the shite emoji. She’s a stunning young lady. She has a lovely face, but she is always displaying her body. Come on, dude.”

He then takes a minute to admit that he isn’t exactly in shape right now, but he defends it by pointing out that he has a lot on his plate and has had no trouble with the women.

He did, however, say of the singer:

“However, a lady built like a dish of mashed potatoes is in danger.” She’s sick. Her music is tough, but her body isn’t. What bothers me the most about women? The hypocrisy and inconsistency. ‘You’re right, Queen. Queen, slay.’ Diabetes is a s**thole. F**k heart issues. F**k cholesterol, f**k heart disease. You claim femininity and sisterhood, but if you really loved your sister, you’d say, “Black girl, we love you and your confidence, but this ain’t it.”

Lizzo gathered a slew of fans when Aries Spears remarked on her appearance.

Several fans and other artists criticized Aries Spears on social media for his fatphobic statements on Lizzo’s physique and look. They praised the three-time Grammy winner and contrasted her impressive music career to the comedian’s business life while doing so. After Aries Spears’ words went viral, Megan Thee Stallion defended the Juice singer on her Instagram story.Aries Spears

Aries Spears defends his remarks.

After being chastised online for his comments in a recent YouTube interview, the comedian took to Instagram to post a video urging fans of the About Damn Time singer to criticize him based on facts rather than emotions. Along with the video, he included a lengthy caption that read:

“I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! If the people who are angry, especially women, really paid attention to the art of dialogue interview, one I even called myself out for needing to lose weight, and two, more importantly, the main point was celebrating the wrong thing there’s a lot of hypocritical women who also bash men at laughter’s expense but if you’re going to celebrate sisterhood while lizzo’s confidence is commendable it’s also dangerous. (INCLUDING MYSELF) the fact is that in the name of sisterhood, you inflict more harm in quiet than you do in fake celebration, but that never gets discussed, so shame on me!!”

He made another video for Lizzo’s fans who were calling him “ugly and unattractive,” mocking them for “hiding behind fake lashes, wigs, and fingernails.” He created the video while listening to Beyonce’s Break My Soul in the background.

He captioned it as follows:

“I’m here for all the smoke because truth eventually makes its way through the bull [sh*t emoji], so let’s GO!!”

Lizzo has yet to respond publicly to Aries Spears’ bodyshaming statements.

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