Are Shin Ji-Yeon And Se-hoon Dating?

One of the main questions fans have after the conclusion of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is, What couples are still dating?

Some contestants, such as An Yea-won, confirmed that she is not in a relationship with the person she left the island with. The Single’s Inferno Moon Se-hoon may have inadvertently revealed whether or not his efforts on the island and departure with Shin Ji-Yeon resulted in anything more.

Are Shin Ji-Yeon And Se-hoon Dating after ‘Single’s Inferno’?

In a Q&A video with Gomong, Se-hoon may have inadvertently revealed his relationship status with Shin Ji-Yeon. Throughout the interview, he couldn’t stop praising and mentioning Ji-Yeon. When they were discussing their date in Paradise, Se-hoon was nothing but complimentary.

“I must have watched it ten thousand times.” At that moment, the ice between us melted. Jiyeon was also very attractive in that scene, she was really attractive,” the Single’s Inferno contestant said.

According to Koreaboo, netizens’ ears perked up when Se-hoon said something. He was asked what he thought about his future children watching Single’s Inferno and if he would allow them to do so.

Se-hoon appeared unconcerned and responded

“I would ‘Dad! Mom is there.’ That could happen, right? Is this right? I’m saying everything today.

According to his statement, he implies that his children have seen Ji-yeon on television. Fans believe Se-hoon unintentionally revealed that he is still dating her after the show. He made no attempt to conceal the fact that he had spilled the beans and instead continued to praise Shin Ji-Yeon and her beauty.

Shin Ji-Yeon
Shin Ji-Yeon

Shin Ji-Yeon Short Wiki

Shin Ji-Yeon is a contestant on Netflix’s Korean reality show Singles Inferno. She is the first female character to appear in the dating series. Her birth date is currently unknown, but she is between the ages of 25 and 30.
We’ll update this article once her birth date and actual age are made public.

Shin Ji-Yeon Created a Youtube channel to answer fan questions

Shin Ji-Yeon rose to prominence after Single’s Inferno, amassing over one million Instagram followers.
She created a YouTube channel and a Q&A video. The video does not reveal much about her relationship with Se-hoon.

However, a fan inquired as to who she would prefer to meet in person. She finally decided on Se-hoon and smiled broadly. Both Se-hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon social media accounts give no hints of the couple being together. However, Se-hoon recently posted photos on Instagram for Valentine’s Day at the show’s luxurious resort and the room Ji-a stayed in.

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