Are Ed Ibbotson And Alice Levine Still Together?

Alice Levine, best known for her podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno, previously shared a home with musician partner Edward Ibbotson. They dated in the early 2010s, and many assumed he was her husband.

Despite the fact that they always kept their relationship private, their time together was widely publicized at the time. They no longer make as many headlines, however. Is it true that they are still together? Is the couple still together, or have they split up?

Alice Levine Called Her Partner Her Other Half

It’s unclear when Levine and Ibbotson began dating, but they were apparently serious around 2014. In an article for The Telegraph that October, Levine revealed a few intimate details about her relationship with him, referring to him as her “other half.”

She lived in Hackney, East London, at the time of her writing. On weekends, she also went out to dinner with her partner. When they decided to stay at home, she enjoyed cooking for him. However, he was not permitted to enter the kitchen.

When they stayed in, Levine took her time and cooked, but he wasn’t allowed to cook. This was due to the fact that if he cooked, it would become a “busman’s holiday” for him.

Ibbotson worked as a chef at The Convenience, a local restaurant on Chatsworth Road. He used to work as the cafe’s head chef in the evenings. In her piece, the radio host also referred to her partner as a “control freak,” which is why he was not permitted in the kitchen.

Similarly, in another interview at the time, she referred to Ibbotson as her “other half.” In an interview with the Daily Mail in August 2015, Levine referred to the tiny flat she shared with him as her “home.”

She also gave Ibbotson romantic gifts when asked what the most romantic thing she had done; she gushed about secretly purchasing an electric piano for her partner on his 30th birthday.

She left the gift at their house as a surprise for him when he returned home. Levine did not reveal anything else about the relationship besides these.

Are Ed Ibbotson And Alice Levine Still Together?

Ed Ibbotson And Alice Levine appeared to have a strong bond, based on what she revealed. They did not, however, remain together for long.

They were no longer together at the time, according to a May 2019 feature on her in The Times. Furthermore, the piece stated that they had ended their relationship in 2017 and that both of their dating lives had been relatively unknown since then.

In Levine’s case, the secrecy is deliberate. She revealed to I News in June 2021 that she kept her private life out of the spotlight because she did not want it to be a topic of public discussion.

“I’ve always had a real aversion to fame,” The Circle co-host Maya Jama told the publication. “The thought of it completely overwhelms me.”

“You think you want to know, but you’d be really quite underwhelmed; there’s not an awful lot to know,” she said of questions about her relationships.

The self-described introvert then expressed gratitude for being able to keep her personal life private, despite having a job that required her to deal with some publicity.

“You wouldn’t want the things you talk about with your partner on the pinboard at work,” she joked. It’s safe to say we won’t find out her relationship status anytime soon unless she reveals it.

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