Ann Belsky: Who Is She? Unsolved Mysteries Regarding Her Death

Ann Belsky is the late makeup artist and costume designer who was married to actor Ann Belsky. Rick and Belsky were married for only a few years; their courtship ended with Belsky’s death in the early 1990s. They did, however, have two children when they were together.

Ann Belsky Was Supposedly A Costume Designer

Much like her life before becoming Rick’s wife, the inside story of her usuals during her adulthood is mired in the tiresome haziness of whatevs. Belsky, on the other hand, has been described as a costume designer in the past.

Similarly, she was apparently a painter and a makeup artist. To this day, it is unknown whether she worked on any films or had any television credits.

Ann Belsky’s Marriage to Actor Husband Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis, the Ghostbusters actor, and Belsky married in 1986, though the former couple’s early stories were never made public. They had two children, Rachel and Mitchell, when they married.

Ann Belsky's Death Cause

Children of Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis

Belsky’s two children are now fully grown adults. Grueling to news hounds, the celebrity kids, much like their late mother, are suitably sly, especially about their personal lives.

Belsky’s children were both born in Canada. Ann’s daughter, on the other hand, later relocated to the United States to attend Brown University.

She earned a BA in Arts History and Visual Arts. Rachel Belsky, Belsky’s daughter, is also a former Harvard School of Design student. Rachel is now a businesswoman who is a partner at Rosedale Hospitality Partners, a private real estate investment firm based in New York, as well as the founder and CEO of Stardust, a software development firm.

Ann’s daughter, Rachel, is also a sketch/line artist, according to her Instagram. What Belsky’s son, Mitchell, fully, Mitchell Derek Fredrick Moranis does, on the other hand, is a mystery.

Ann Belsky’s Death Cause

Belsky died in February 1991 after a battle with breast cancer, as previously stated. According to some reports, it was due to liver cancer. The costume designer/makeup artist was 35 years old at the time. Rick and Belsky had only been married for five years when the latter died.

Belsky’s parents, along with Rick’s parents, helped fund an art school named after her in Israel after her death. The Ann Belsky Moranis School Of Arts is part of Israel’s modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone high schools.

In addition to providing students with a space to create, develop, and express themselves, the art school provides matriculation options that are equivalent to the Israeli academic curriculum standard.

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