Angelyne- All About The LA’s Billboard Queen

Angelyne, a new Peacock limited series starring Emmy Rossum that debuts on May 19, 2022, is based on a Hollywood Reporter article that first revealed intimate details about Angelyne’s life and identity. According to Gary Baum of The Hollywood Reporter, the series will finally shed light on the blonde beauty dubbed as LA’s Billboard Queen. Hers is a story of fame, perseverance, a pink Corvette, the beautiful Hollywood lifestyle, and, most importantly, her enigmatic identity.

All About Angelyne

The 71-year-old actress managed to conceal her true identity until a 2017 Hollywood Reporter piece by Gary Baum revealed some aspects of it. The star’s personal biography was riddled with mysteries: she was born Renee Goldberg on October 2, 1950, in Poland, to Holocaust survivors imprisoned in the Skarysko-Kamthe Sanna concentration camps. The billboard star’s parents then moved to Los Angeles, living in the Fairfax District, where she was raised as a regular child. After her mother died, her father, who remarried another survivor, moved to the San Fernando Valley.


Angelyne and Hugo Maisnik, a rich adhesive-free-tape entrepreneur, had the idea of broadcasting her image on billboards around Los Angeles. Her first billboard appeared in February 1984, and she once had 200 billboards up at the same time.

More information about Peacock’s planned miniseries

The limited series will disclose details regarding the celebrity’s journey to prominence as well as her tactics for promoting her image. Emmy Rossum stars as the protagonist, Alex Karpovsky as Jeff Glasner, Lukas Gage as Max Allen, Hamish Linklater as Rick Krauss, Charlie Rowe as Freddy Messina, Michael Angarano as Danny, Tonatiuh as Andre Casiano, and Martin Freeman as Maurice Wallach in Peacock’s next limited series.


Rossum, a Golden Globe nominee and executive producer, remarked on the impending miniseries and the icon’s life:

“As we widen our concept of ourselves as a society, this narrative raises big concerns. Are the historical events of our lives what characterize us? Or are we able to define ourselves? Self-actualization is embracing who we are on the inside and living whichever reality seems most authentic. Can there possibly be one genuine tale when everyone’s experience of reality and truth is unique?”

She continued,

“I’ve spent the last four years thinking about, living, and breathing this project. Angelyne is beautiful. She looks like Marilyn Monroe crossed with an ’80s punk Barbie doll and a dash of new age spirituality. She’s a pioneer, a hustler, a visionary, the original influencer, and a living, breathing work of art. Here’s a sneak peek at the show. I hope you fall in love with her enchantment.”

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