Andrew Dominik Was Chastised For Defending Marilyn Monroe Blonde

Andrew Dominik, an Australian film director, was criticized online when he defended criticism over his September 2022 release Blonde. The 55-year-old celebrity remarked at Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea International Film Festival that the American public “hated the movie” and only wanted to see great figures like Marilyn Monroe honored.

He stated:

“Nowadays, it’s necessary to depict women as powerful, and they want to recreate Marilyn Monroe as an empowered woman.” That’s exactly what they want to see. And if you don’t show them that, it irritates them.”

Dominik also claimed that the film Blonde, which is based on Monroe’s life, was accused of exploiting the actress, which makes no sense at this time. He stated the following:

“Which is odd, considering she’s no longer alive.” “The movie doesn’t make a difference in any manner.”

Andrew Dominik

Reactions on Twitter to Andrew Dominik’s remark

Twitterati criticized famous filmmaker Andrew Dominik after his remarks from the Red Sea International Festival went viral. Users pointed out that the filmmaker opted to emphasize Marilyn Monroe’s pain while neglecting her skills and accomplishments.

Blonde fans were angry Andrew Dominik was “really thrilled.”

Continuing at the Red Sea International Film Festival, Andrew Dominik said that the film Blonde was produced with the purpose of changing the perception of Marilyn Monroe’s life. avered Dominik:

“What they actually mean is that the film took advantage of their memories of her, their picture of her, which is understandable. But that’s the entire point of the film. It’s attempting to use her life’s iconography to serve another purpose; it’s attempting to take things you’re acquainted with and flip the meaning inside out. But it is precisely what they do not want to see.”

Andrew Dominik

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominik was “very thrilled” that the picture “outraged so many people.” He went on to argue that American films were becoming “more conservative,” to the point that spectators could predict the next narrative surprise as if they were reading a bedtime tale. Furthermore, Dominik said that Blonde’s critique had little effect on him since he disagreed with the critics. He stated:

“You can’t really think for other people, but I believe when it comes to a famous American, what they want is hagiographies, a celebration of that person, and a celebration of that person according to the mores of the period.”

Despite the film’s criticism, Dominik claims that “tens of millions of people” saw it.

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