Amy Schumer Is Facing Backlash After Making Jokes About Jennifer Lawrence’s Weight

Amy Schumer is an American comedian who was chastised online for remarking on Jennifer Lawrence’s weight at the Oscars. The event, hosted by the 40-year-old Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall, saw the I Feel Pretty singer roast as many individuals as she could on March 27. She later changed her concentration from individuals to films, with the 2021 feature Don’t Look Up in mind. Schumer then made a joke about Lawrence’s weight gain since the film’s release.

“I believe Academy Members don’t read reviews.” Wait a minute – I really liked the movie. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing in it, even though she did gain some weight this year.”

Jennifer Lawrence looked wonderful in it, even if she did gain some weight this year.” Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney had their first child in February 2022, which explains most of the weight gain that Amy Schumer was alluding to.

Twitter was outraged when Amy Schumer joked about J-weight, Law’s, with some even accusing the comedian of body-shaming her. Many users also chastised those who were just talking about the Will Smith-Chris Rock conflict and not covering other aspects of the awards show.

What else did Amy Schumer mention during the award show?

Aside from Jennifer Lawrence, Schumer mocked Leonardo DiCaprio, who also had a key role in Don’t Look Up.

“What can I possibly say about him? “He’s done so much to combat climate change and leave behind a better, greener world – for his girlfriends,” Amy Schumer remarked on DiCaprio.

Amy Schumer

She added a reference for those who didn’t understand it, saying it’s because he’s always been older than the majority of her girlfriends. Fortunately for DiCaprio, he wasn’t in the crowd to absorb Schumer’s jibe, as the event began with two other co-hosts.

Jessica Chastain was pleased by Schumer’s mockery of DiCaprio.

Finally, Schumer chastised filmmaker Aaron Sorkin for “Being the Ricardos.”

“I mean, Aaron Sorkin, how can you produce a movie about the most legendary female comic and not get a single laugh?” Brilliant. It’s fantastic. It’s like filming a Michael Jordan movie and just showing the bus rides between games. Amazing.”

Amy Schumer

The 94th Academy Awards were hosted by three women for the first time. Whoopi Goldberg became the first woman to host the Oscars on her own in 1994, and she did it so effectively that she returned in 1996 and 1999. Between 2007 and 2014, Ellen DeGeneres was the last female host. Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Rock, and Jimmy Kimmel have all hosted the Oscars in recent years.

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