Amy Freeze New Job: Why Did She Leave ABC? Earning And Career Highlights

If you’re wondering where Amy Freeze is headed, stay reading to the conclusion since it describes her new job, Earning, and accomplishments. Amy Freeze is a journalist and television meteorologist. The American meteorologist, born Amy Elizabeth Freeze, presently anchors Weather Command on Fox Weather. Freeze formerly worked as a weekend meteorologist at New York City’s WABC-TV, where she also filled in on ABC’s Good Morning America. Her last day on the air as an ABC News staffer was October 3, 2021. She is now the host of Fox Weather’s Weather Command.

Where Will Amy Freeze Go After She Leaves ABC And Why Did She Leave?

Amy announced her retirement from ABC News in October 2021. While the announcement startled her regular viewers and supporters, she did not provide a specific explanation for her departure. Freeze congratulated her supporters for an “amazing decade” on Eyewitness News. She told her admirers on social media that her departure was “bittersweet.” Over the years, many New Yorkers have grown to know and trust Amy Freeze as their go-to source for weather reports. Amy abruptly departed from ABC News in late 2020, leaving fans wondering what happened to her.

Amy Freeze

Amy, it turned out, had undergone surgery and was working from home while she recovered. Despite this setback, she kept working and providing weather updates to her viewers. Nonetheless, Amy announced her retirement from ABC News on October 2, 2021. Her admirers were taken aback, but appreciative of her years of service. Fox News Media announced on October 6, 2021, that Amy Freeze will join their team as an anchor for Fox Weather. In January 2023, Fox Weather made another significant announcement about its roster. Weather Command, which airs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., will be hosted by Freeze.

Amy Freeze’s New Job and Professional Achievements

Amy Freeze has joined Fox Weather as an anchor for Weather Command. She has been the weekend meteorologist for WABC-TV since 2011 and has been on Good Morning America on occasion. Amy has also covered weather in other big cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago, gaining a reputation as one of the industry’s greatest meteorologists. Amy Freeze is a meteorologist who is also a superb athlete. She has completed many Ironman triathlons and runs marathons.

Amy is also a licensed scuba diver who has undertaken multiple dives in unusual locales throughout the globe. Amy Freeze is well-known for her engaging personality, for which she has received several honors. She has received various distinctions for her work, in addition to four Emmy Awards for Best On-Camera Achievement in Weather Broadcasting.

Amy Freeze

Amy Freeze’s Net Worth And Earnings From Her Career

Amy Freeze’s net worth is believed to be $5 million USD. Amy has accumulated sizable wealth as a result of her work as a television anchor and meteorologist. She apparently makes between $70,000 and $120,000 every year. Amy Freeze was born in Utah, United States. She grew raised in Indiana and earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Brigham Young University in 1995. Amy Freeze started her work as a meteorologist and weather forecaster after finishing her education.

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