Amber Heard Reveal That Her Screen Time In Aquaman 2 Has Been Reduced

Amber Heard stated earlier this week that she was removed from her Aquaman contract during the trial. She said, “I battled to remain in it, and they kept me in it.”

In the courtroom, she added:

“I’m not sure whether I’ll make the final cut or how much I’ll be paid. It was tough to keep focused on the film.”

According to the Texas native, her last parts in the film were a “very pared-down version of that character.” The actress co-stars with Jason Momoa in the role of Princess Mera. She continued, saying:

“I was given a screenplay and then given updated versions of the script that removed action parts.” That showed my character and another character—two people battling with one another, without giving any secrets away. They effectively took a lot of my responsibilities away from me. They just deleted a large number.”

Amber Heard

The Never Back Down actress also claimed that her screentime in the sequel, which will be published in March 2023, was reduced to 10 minutes. As “fan pressure” to remove Heard from the sequel grew, one of the film’s producers, Peter Safran, talked to Deadline in July 2021 about the problem. He stated:

“I don’t believe we’ll ever respond to sheer fan pressure, to be honest… Because, you know, you have to do what you think is best for the film. If it’s James Wan and Jason Momoa, we thought it should be Amber Heard. That’s exactly what it was.”

It seems that movie producers and diehard fans of the series have achieved a compromise in which Heard’s screentime has been severely reduced but she has not been completely cut from the film.

Is Amber Heard no longer a part of Aquaman 2?

Devout DC Comics fans have been lobbying for Amber Heard to be dismissed from the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom film, after the revelation of her defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Though their requests were not entirely granted, sources have indicated that her involvement in the future sequel has been significantly curtailed.

Amber Heard

Jessica Kovacevic, Amber Heard’s WME talent representative, testified in the continuing trial on Thursday. Warner Bros. said the 36-year-“lack old’s of chemistry” with Jason Momoa almost got her fired from her part. In her pre-recorded deposition, the agent addressed “online claims” that Aquaman executives wanted her out of the picture owing to the negative exposure the actress had received throughout the current legal dispute.

According to Jessica Kovacevic, the studio did not “want to recruit someone who gets poor publicity.” She continued, saying:

“No one wants to be associated with it.”

Heard’s career before and after her relationship with Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp was also mentioned by the talent agency. Kovacevic argued that Heard should have been a well-known celebrity following the success of Aquaman, which was released in 2018 and grossed over a billion dollars.

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