Amara Marluke Was Discovered Dead By Responding Law Enforcement Officers

Amara Marluke, a 19-year-old Portland State University student, was discovered dead after police responded to a gunshot incident near the school at about 1 a.m. on Monday, April 4. The victim died of a gunshot wound, according to the medical examiner, and the death was deemed murder. Keenan Harpole, a Portland State University student, turned himself into the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday in connection with Marluke’s death.

Officers arrested Harpole on suspicion of second-degree murder, domestic violence, and unauthorized use of a weapon on his family’s home in Bend, Oregon, and kept him without bond at the Multnomah County Detention Center. Harpole was eventually handed over to the Portland Police Bureau and charged with second-degree murder and unauthorized use of a firearm, according to The Bend Bulletin. Prosecutors, on the other hand, claimed that Marluke’s death was the consequence of a domestic violence episode.

Although the specifics of the incident have not been released, Portland Police spokesperson Sgt. Michael Roberts said that it was “not a stranger-on-stranger crime.”

Everything you need to know about Keenan Harpole.

Keenan Harpole is a 20-year-old Portland State University student and former PSU football player. He was just accused of the murder of Amara Marluke, a fellow student. Harpole, according to his web profile, is a fantastic athlete who is also studying health and fitness at university. Prior to attending PSU, Harpole lettered in football at Mountain View High School, where he was named offensive and defensive MVP.

Amara Marluke

He also ran track and played basketball and baseball. Harpole liked to play video games, swim, work out, and spend time with family and friends. According to PSU spokesperson Christina Williams, the player played for the Vikings in 2021 but was not featured on their spring roster. According to court records acquired by The Bend Bulletin, the athlete resided at University Point in downtown Portland with his housemates. He resided in Beaverton for five months before relocating to Portland with his mother. Harpole allegedly worked between 20 and 24 hours per week as an Uber Eats driver and attended eight hours of training each week.

A look back at Amara Marluke’s life.

Amara Marluke was a music major on a scholarship at Portland State University when she was fatally shot by fellow student Keenan Harpole. She was an Oregon native who graduated in 2021 from Sunset High School in the Beaverton School District. The 19-year-old was also an outspoken supporter of social justice issues, especially the Black Lives Matter movement. Marluke was adopted by Amy and Brad Marluke when she was nine years old, according to her sister Melanie Henriksen. She spent many years in several foster homes around Oregon prior to her adoption.

Amara Marluke’s sister and other family members asked Multnomah Circuit Judge Benjamin Johnston to incarcerate Harpole prior to the trial. They declared,

“We really, passionately urge the court to safeguard other women who may suffer similar fates, and to provide all of those who love Amara — and I believe there are many — the comfort and security of knowing that this guy is behind bars.”

Amara Marluke

Following Amara Marluke’s unfortunate death, Portland State University President Stephen Percy expressed his condolences. He said,

“The sheer misery of this loss has had a significant impact on me.” My heart goes out to Amara’s family and all those who knew her. I extend my heartfelt condolences. As a university community, we will work together to heal.”

According to the president, Marluke “did light up a room in a manner that nobody else could.” He also said that she had a unique impact on people’s lives, connected with everyone around her, saw the good in everyone, and attempted to brighten everyone’s spirits.

Bradley, Marluke’s father, told The Oregonian that to describe her as “a lovely and compassionate spirit” would be an understatement. He also emphasized how committed his daughter was to her family and friends. He revealed,

“To say Amara was the joy of our lives, a lovely and kind person, would be an understatement. Her devotion to her family and friends was steadfast, and it is unfathomable that she would die in such a pointless and terrible manner.” Following Amara Marluke’s death, the Green Hammer has launched a GoFundMe page to assist her family during this sad time.

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