All About Hannah Barron And Hunter Horton Dating History

Hannah Barron and her alleged ex-boyfriend, Hunter Horton, once reveled in their relationship in public. The “Catfish Girl” frequently shared photos of herself and Horton on social media, demonstrating the couple’s closeness. However, her beau is nowhere to be found in her recent social media posts. The couple was last seen together on Barron’s Instagram on December 24, 2018, when they posed for a photo at night after hunting two deer.

Not only that but Barron has recently been linked to fellow hunter Cohen Stone, a Georgia native who works as a producer on Michael Waddell: Bone Collector. But, what happened to Barron and Horton? And, finally, is Hannah Barron married? Scroll through to see a timeline of the allegedly separated couple’s relationship before delving into what happened to them.

Valentine’s Day (February 2018)

Barron dedicated her Valentine’s Day post in 2018 to her boyfriend, Horton, by posting a candid photo of herself catching a catfish. The Instagram celebrity also used the occasion to reveal that the couple would be one year and six months into their relationship in a few days from the date the post was published.

Hannah Barron

She thanked him for a variety of reasons in her lengthy caption, including driving 2 hours every other weekend to spend time with her. She concluded her letter by saying that no one else had a relationship as crazy as theirs, and she wouldn’t trade their experiences for anything.

Second Anniversary of Dating (August 2018)

Barron and Horton celebrated their two-year anniversary on August 19, 2018, with yet another set of catfish hunting photos. Barron wished Horton a “Happy 2 years,” describing him as the man who had put up with her for so long. She also stated that despite the two-hour distance between them, they were able to complete those two years without any disagreements.

Hannah Barron

The 22nd birthday of Horton (October 2018)

Barron also wished her beloved partner a happy birthday in October of the same year by posting a photo of herself and him on Instagram. “Happy Birthday Hunter Ryan Horton,” she captioned the photo. She revealed in her caption that she was able to spend Horton’s third birthday with him.

She was dressed in a pink vest, denim shorts, and black leather boots in the photo, while Horton was dressed in a grey shirt, blue jeans, and leather shoes. He also had noise-canceling headphones and a long rifle gun with him.

The Final Post Together (December 2018)

As previously stated, Barron last posted a photo with Horton in December 2018, and no information about their relationship has been released since then. Even Horton’s Instagram account, which has over 6600 followers, has been dormant since June 2019.

What happened to them?

Nothing can be easily reported because neither of them ever mentioned what happened to them. However, according to some online sources, they got engaged in 2018 and planned to marry in 2019. However, things did not go as planned, prompting them to call off their engagement.

Hannah Barron

There are also rumors that the couple is still together but is keeping their relationship a secret. Having said that, the details have yet to be confirmed, and it is unknown what transpired between them.

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