Alexis Haines Relationship With Harper And Dakota Before The Documentary Release

Alexis Haines will reveal her role in the Bling Ring, a group of seven individuals that raided the houses of high-profile Hollywood celebrities in 2008 and 2009, in an upcoming Netflix docuseries titled The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist. Haines, along with fellow squad member Nick Prugo, will provide an eyewitness account of the events that led to their detention. Alexis Haines, a mother of two and former business partner of Evan Haines, has entirely altered her life after her incarceration and drug addiction fight. Alexis and her ex-husband Evan recently called it quits, and the influencer announced the news on her own Instagram. They had been married for nearly a decade.

According to the 31-year-old mother, their decision to divorce is motivated by a desire to provide “stability for our children, Harper and Dakota.” According to sources, she previously acknowledged her marital status, stating that they were in an open marriage. Before the documentary debut, let’s take a look at former Bling Ring member Alexis Haines’ divorce, dating life, and relationship with children Harper and Dakota.

Alexis Haines had an open marriage with her ex-husband, Evan Haines.

Alexis Haines, now Neiers, a Los Angeles native who married Evan Haines in Mexico in April 2012, is notable for her involvement in The Bling Ring gang burglaries, which robbed celebrities of about $3 million in cash, expensive apparel, and precious things between 2008 and 2009. Neiers was apprehended in 2010 and sentenced to 180 days in jail. After just 30 days, she was freed.

Alexis Haines

Six months later, the Pretty Wild actress was arrested for heroin possession and holding a forged Florida driver’s license. She was subsequently sentenced to a year of rehabilitation. According to sources, she first met Evan Haines, co-founder of the treatment institution Alo House, in 2011 while residing at the SOBA rehabilitation center in Malibu, California. Earlier in September 2021, Alexis Haines said that she and her then-husband Evan were in an open marriage and that she was dating Braunwyn Windham-ex-girlfriend Burke’s Kris.

She spoke about their family circumstances in an interview with OK Magazine:

“Evan and I have a solid marriage. We’re really happy together, and I’m thankful to have a partner that totally loves me and accepts my sexuality as a lesbian woman. The kids are content and have always understood that I am bisexual.”

Alexis Haines

However, she announced her divorce to her Instagram fans early this year. Neiers, 31, told Us Weekly exclusively in a statement before the petition was filed:

“We have a terrific co-parenting relationship after ten years of marriage and 11 years together. I don’t believe one of us wanted to divorce or split, but it’s simply the way things turned out. Again, I adore Evan, and we may be better co-parents than partners.”

However, it is unclear if Kris and Alexis are still dating since she has yet to issue an official comment on the subject and her official social media accounts are similarly devoid of information on the subject. One thing is certain: she still has an undeniably strong link with both of her girls, who, as seen by her Instagram page, have been a continuous part of her life.

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