Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin Welcomed Their 7th Child

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin have had their seventh child, a girl called Ilaria Catalina Irena. According to People Magazine, Alec, 64, and Hilaria Baldwin, 38, acknowledged the birth of their daughter in a joint statement. “We are overjoyed to welcome our newest daughter into the world. Just as wonderful and full of love as every other child we’ve been blessed with. Her Baldwinito siblings are overjoyed and are debating who she resembles the most… We are delighted to present you with newborn Ilaria.”

The newborn girl was born on September 22 and weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, according to the magazine. Hilaria Baldwin also went to Instagram to post a brief video of her infant and their other children’s reactions when they saw Ilaria.

“She’s arrived! We can’t wait to show you our modest dream come true. She and I are both happy and healthy. Her Baldwinito siblings are connecting and welcoming her into our house today. Much love to everyone. We are delighted to share this fantastic news with you.”

They met in 2011 at Sarma Melngailis’ Pure Food and Wine in New York and have been together for 12 years, welcoming six more children, Carmen (9), Rafael (7), Leonardo (5), Romeo (4), Eduardo (2), and Lucia (1). (18 months).

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s relationship

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin initially met in February 2011 at the New York-based restaurant where she was eating with a friend.

Alec commented on the incident on Instagram (via Us Weekly):

“On an uncommonly warm February evening, I strolled inside Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place. [Brendan O’Connell] and I sat (outside!) and as I glanced to my left, I spotted a lady who would transform my life.”

In a joint interview with The New York Times in 2012, the pair stated that Alec approached Hilaria but did not offer her his phone number, but rather a note urging her to contact him.

“I was standing near the entrance with my pals when he approached and held my hand, saying, ‘I must know you.’”

Alec Baldwin

Hilaria eventually phoned him, and the two went on a few dates before being romantically connected. However, things moved slowly between them, with the yoga teacher contemplating the nature of their relationship after just a few dates.

“For six weeks, he shook my hand. We’d have the most romantic dinner date, followed by him dropping me off at my door and shaking my hand.”

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec moved in together five months after getting to know one other and were shortly engaged. The actor’s representative confirmed the news to People Magazine in April 2012. “Yes, that is correct! This weekend, Alec proposed to Hilaria, and we’re all thrilled for the newly engaged pair. Alec’s birthday is tomorrow—what a wonderful way to celebrate!”

They married in June 2012, two months following their engagement, at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York. Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin’s brothers, Billy and Stephen Baldwin, Woody Allen, and Mariska Hargitay were among the celebrities that attended their wedding. On August 23, 2013, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin had their first child, Carmen Gabriela, with a 26-year age difference. The Saturday Night Live star confessed to Elle Decor in 2016 how their age difference has influenced their parenting approach.

Alec Baldwin

“It’s a generational difference. I’m a lot older, and when I was a youngster, there was no such thing as haggling and negotiating. Making them comprehend. ‘Oh, I’ll make you understand!’ said my father. People used to strike their children with cooking utensils, and my mother used to hit us with a curtain rod. But [Hilaria] is the ideal mother; she respects and honors them.”

Alec Baldwin was formerly married to actress Kim Basinger, with whom he had a model daughter, Ireland Baldwin.

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