Al Strobel Passed Away At The Age Of 83

Al Strobel, the iconic actor, died on December 2 at the age of 83. He was most recognized for his role in Twin Peaks as Mike, dubbed the One-Armed Man. In a Facebook post, producer Sabrina S. Sutherland revealed the tragic news of his death:

“I’m sorry to report that Al Strobel died last night. I cherished him.”

The circumstances behind Strobel’s death have yet to be uncovered. So yet, no funeral arrangements have been made.

Twitter users pay homage to Al Strobel.

Despite only acting in three TV episodes and six films in recent years, Al Strobel has amassed a sizable fan following. When word of his death came, Twitter was inundated with tributes:

Al Strobel portrayed Phillip Michael Gerard In Twin Peaks.

Over the years, Al Strobel has been featured in a number of films and television series. The actor rose to prominence and acclaim for his role as Phillip Michael Gerard, popularly known as Mike, in the ABC series Twin Peaks. Strobel’s character, Mike, was originally involved in a lot of illicit acts with the series’ other adversary, Bob. Following a religious awakening, Mike realized his error and chopped off his arm, resulting in the removal of a tattoo that said “Fire Walk With Me.” While Bob maintained his criminal career, Mike spent many years seeking him.

Al Strobel

Mike, who was an “inhabiting spirit,” was only seen in the visible form of his host, Phillip Michael Gerard, a salesperson who moved about for employment. He originally claimed to have the word “Mom” inscribed on his left arm, but he had it removed after his arm was amputated in a car accident. Twin Peaks, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, ran for three seasons and 48 episodes from April 8, 1990, to June 10, 1991. A revival launched in 2017 to excellent reviews from reviewers and crowds.

The career of Al Strobel in the entertainment sector

Al Strobel, who was born in 1939, began his acting career as Byron in the 1986 supernatural horror film Shadow Play. Susan Shadburne directed the picture, which starred Dee Wallace, Cloris Leachman, and Ron Kuhlman. Following his involvement in Twin Peaks, he went on to feature in films such as Sitting Target, Megaville, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Ricochet River, Child of Darkness, Child of Light, and Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces. In 2005, he declared his retirement from acting.

Al Strobel

In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a prequel to Twin Peaks, Strobel reprised his role as Phillip Michael Gerard. The film, directed by David Lynch and released on August 28, 1992, failed to replicate the popularity of the series. Following the film’s underwhelming box office performance, plans for two sequels were scrapped. The actor has shared relatively little about his personal life over the years, thus detailed information on his family members is unclear.

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