Aine Coutinho Is Living A Blissful Married Life With Philippe Coutinho

Aine Coutinho is a Portuguese-born beauty best known as the wife of professional footballer Philippe Coutinho, who is presently on loan from Barcelona to Aston Villa. He used to play for Inter Milan and Liverpool. Aine and Philippe are both Brazilians. Aine and Philippe are childhood sweethearts, and their love story started when she requested her future husband to be her boyfriend. Philippe was 14 when the pair first met in 2007. Their common acquaintance was the one who introduced them during the party, and they ended up conversing for hours.

Quick Facts

Full Name Aine Coutinho
First Name Aine
Last Name Coutinho
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality Portuguese
Birth Country Brazil
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Married
Spouse Philippe Coutinho
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth March 31, 1993
Age 29 years
Married Date July 13,2012

Aine was the one who asked him to be her boyfriend initially, and it all began from there.

Because they lived in the same area, they began to see each other more regularly and began to visit places together. The connection that sprang out of nowhere became more passionate with time. She eventually ended up residing at Phillippe’s parents’ house. She married her spouse in 2012, after five years of dating. The wedding was held in Milan, Italy.

Mother of three children

Aine is a devoted mother to her three children: two girls, Maria and Esmeralda, and a boy, Jose Coutinho. In December 2021, their oldest daughter Maria and youngest son Jose will be six and one, respectively. Philippe was so thrilled to meet his second daughter Esmeralda that he tatted a picture of her on one of his biceps before she was born. He has a tattoo of his eldest daughter, Maria, on his right forearm.

Aine Coutinho

She plays an important role in whatever her spouse accomplishes

Aine has been a pillar of support for her husband from the beginning of his profession, going over the globe with him. She altered her whole schedule for her spouse and was always there for him for emotional support throughout his tough years. Philippe revealed in an interview that Aine plays a significant role in whatever he does. She was just 17 years old when she went to live with her lover, adapting to the different customs of the new location.

What does her tattoo mean?

She, like her husband Coutinho, has multiple tattoos in various places on her body. When she and Coutinho first arrived in Italy, she got a tattoo of a small star. Her second tattoo was with her cousin’s brothers, with whom she is really close. In Portuguese, they penned “Ao infinitoe alem,” which translates as “To Infinity and Beyond.” The next tattoo on her ring finger is the letter “P,” which stands for Philippe.

She then got a floral tattoo. She has tattooed her wedding date XIII. XII.XII, i.e., July 13th, 2012, with two rings that have faded with time and she has covered with her heart. Later, she inscribed two more huge wedding bands on the side. After the birth of her daughter Maria, she inscribed a symbol of unending love. She then tattooed the names of her daughter Maria and her two other children, Esmeralda and Jose, once they were born.

Aine also has the time 08:02 inscribed on it, which is the day she began dating. She has an aircraft symbol, indicating that she has traveled much since dating Philippe. The tattoo she adores reflects her, motivates her, and is followed by a tattoo inscribed with the words “Be Strong, Be Happy, Be Brave, Be Wise, Be Kind.” On her other arms, she has inscribed “Que Seja Feita a vontade de Deus,” which translates as “May God’s will be done.”

To show her affection for her homeland, she drew a map of Brazil with a little heart in Rio and Philippe’s name on the reverse. She got a boat tattooed on her arm to commemorate the boat trip she did with Philippe. Philippe has inked the king of hearts “K,” while she has inked the queen of hearts “Q.” The couple then inked an image of their family, but their kid is absent. According to Aine, they are waiting for the tattoo artist to finish the family portrait since he has not yet come. She also has lion and butterfly tattoos. On one of her legs is engraved the phrase “Seja Luz Onde Deus te Colocar,” which means “be light where God places you.”

Aine Coutinho

She said she had it on her legs since she was continuously moving. Aine believes that everywhere we go, we must be a light in someone’s life. She has honored her family by writing the names of her parents and brothers. She has an image of Minnie on her other leg. Philippe has a Mickey image in his tummy. The parents got tattooed to see their daughter Maria’s grin.

Prioritizes family above everything else.

The Brazilian actor is a total family guy who values his family above everything else. He appreciates their efforts in achieving his ambition and never fails to acknowledge them in every achievement. As a kind of homage, he has tattooed the names of his parents, children, wife, and two brothers on various regions of his body. His family followed him around until they were elderly and had difficulty adjusting to new towns and cultures. They have returned to their home in Brazil, yet remain engaged. Philippe admitted to disclosing everything to his family.

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