Adele Stated That She Is Obsessed With Her Boyfriend And Talked About Future Plans

Adele, the English singer, raved about her sports agent fiancé, Rich Paul, on the cover of Elle magazine’s September edition. In an August 15 interview with the news source, the 34-year-old actress revealed that she is “as happy as she’ll ever be” with her 40-year-old lover and has future plans with him.

“I’ve never been so in love before. I’m completely smitten with him. I absolutely want to have more children. I’m a matriarch and a housewife, and having a steady existence helps me with my singing.”

When questioned about her huge ring, she also addressed engagement rumors with Paul. The singer revealed her desire to remarry, although she denied being engaged or married to her lover.

“Well! Well. I’m not married, after all. I’m completely smitten! I’m as content as I’ll ever be. I might as well be married. I’m not married. Boy, I like high-end jewelry!”

Adele and Rich Paul acknowledged their relationship in 2021, after the singer concluded her divorce from Simon Konecki.

Where Did Rich Paul and Adele first meet?

Rich Paul disclosed in a New Yorker piece in May 2021 that he was seeing a “big pop singer,” but did not specify who it was. He also mentioned that he was at the time single. Their affair was unexpectedly made public in July 2021, when the two attended an NBA game together in Phoenix. People and Insider sources later verified that the singer and Rich Paul had been dating for many months and were making it work by commuting between Los Angeles and New York.


During an appearance on CBS’ Adele One Night Only in 2021, the Grammy-winning singer recounted how she and Paul met.

“I met him on the dance floor at a birthday celebration. We eventually met a few years later. We went out to supper for what he claims was a business meeting, to which I respond, ‘A business meeting about what?’ Then it was our first time hanging out on our own. Without friends, and I believe it was a natural method for individuals to connect in real life.”

After news agencies verified their affair, the Hello singer turned to Instagram and uploaded a monochromatic photo of herself with Rich Paul. During the same CBS special, the singer raved about her boyfriend and why she is so taken with him.

“He’s really funny. He’s hilarious. And extremely astute. Very, very clever. It’s truly amazing to see him perform what he does and the ease with which he does it.”



In May 2022, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary by standing in front of a home that they seemed to have purchased jointly. Not just Adele, but Paul also discussed having additional children in a June 2022 interview with E! News.

“I’m looking forward to becoming a different parent if I have additional children.”

Adele and her estranged husband, Simon Konecki, have a ten-year-old son, Angelo. Rich Paul also has three children from a prior relationship.

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