A Russian Model Gretta Vedler’s Body Was Discovered In A Suitcase After She Went Missing

Gretta Vedler is a Russian model who was discovered dead in a bag after she went missing more than a year ago. The 23-year-old lady was slain a month after she called Vladimir Putin a “psychopath” on social media and predicted that his goal to “improve Russia’s integrity” would end in tears. Dmitry Korovin, the deceased’s “jealous” ex-boyfriend, acknowledged more than a year later of strangling her to death over a money dispute in Moscow unconnected to her political ideas and political analysis of Putin.

He acknowledged to interrogators that he put her body in a recently purchased suitcase and stayed in a hotel room with it for three nights. He then went 300 kilometers to the Lipetsk area and concealed it in a vehicle trunk for almost a year. Detectives shared photographs and comments on the model’s social media accounts to reassure her friends that she was still alive.

How was Gretta Vedler’s body found?

Evgeniy Foster, a blogger in Kharkiv, Ukraine, got suspicious and called a friend in Moscow, who filed a missing person report, resulting in a multi-day search that concluded in the finding of her death. Korovin reportedly showed how he murdered the model and provided a complete confession in a video released by Russia’s Investigative Committee. Her postings on Putin in January 2021, a month before she was killed, aren’t considered pertinent to her death, but they are unsettling in light of the following events.

Gretta Vedler

Her worries arose from his crackdown on demonstrators and his aim to create a greater Russia. According to the Daily Mail, since Putin was humiliated as a youngster, he was unable to stand up for himself and left law school to join the KGB after graduating. According to Gretta Vedler, such persons acquire qualities such as caution, constraint, and a lack of communication from a young age because they are terrified of loudness, darkness, and strangers.

“Psychopaths need to feel the completeness and sharpness of life all the time, thus they like danger, intense experiences, strong conversation, intensive action – an intense and dynamic existence. Perhaps he really wants to improve Russia’s integrity and wishes the Russians well.”

Gretta Vedler

She did, however, voice her reservations, questioning whether he could “actually do anything?”

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