A Peek Look Into Angela Sarafyan Relationship

Angela Sarafyan’s first kiss was with an on-screen boyfriend rather than a real-life lover. She starred in Celine Dion’s song video, directed by Paul Hunter, and the narrative had a daughter rebelling against her mother because of a bad companion. She was compelled to kiss the man in the automobile in one scenario. “I have never, ever touched lips with someone!” she exclaimed in a May 2019 interview with Coveteur, claiming her first kiss was captured on tape. The on-screen kiss not only deprived her of a real-life first kiss experience, but it was also never published. The issue now is, did the actress find the right person to share her true first kiss with?

Who Is Angela Sarafyan’s Boyfriend?

Sarafyan’s attitude to dating and relationships is remarkable. As seen by her March 2021 tweet, she believes that becoming the perfect person comes before finding the appropriate partner or lover. Her opinions seem to be influenced by her depiction of Clementine in Westworld. “Clementine has had a direct impact on my life and has sort of woken me up about some things,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2018. During the conversation, she recalled her childhood as a girl who went to school, married and had children. “There’s the never-ending hunt for a spouse. I’ve always believed that I needed to create something of myself “She went on to say that women were constantly looking for the proper spouse.

Angela Sarafyan

Playing Clementine helped her break free from that perspective; she learned that accepting oneself was more essential than masking one’s uniqueness to fit in with others. Without a doubt, the actress openly discusses her powerful attitude toward partnerships. However, she seemed reticent to announce her relationship status or boyfriend. Her social media presence is restricted to her professional efforts, and her current relationship situation is unknown. Throughout her career, she has been associated with major Hollywood superstars, sparking various relationship rumors.

Angela Sarafyan’s Relationship Rumors

Various newspapers alleged in the early 2010s that Sarafyan and Rami Malek got romantically linked while shooting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2. Malek played an Egyptian vampire, Benjamin, in the Twilight series, with Sarafyan as his love interest. During the film’s promotion in 2012, the on-screen couple was believed to be dating. There were also photos of them holding hands, which pleased their fans all around the globe.

However, neither side confirmed the claims, and the excitement around this potentially developing relationship faded quickly. Us Weekly revealed in March 2018 that the Westworld star was dating Nick Jonas. “He has a penchant for older ladies,” said the source.

Angela Sarafyan

A few months later, in October 2018, OK Magazine stated that the two were taking their romance seriously. However, none of them responded to the relationship rumors. The allegation was put to rest when Jonas married Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra in December 2018 and had their first child, Malti, in January 2022. Aside from relationship rumors, Sarafyan’s Wikipedia profile indicates she was previously married. She supposedly married her spouse, Narek Ghaplanyan, while working on the Lost and Found sets in Armenia, and the couple separated in 2017. However, there is no strong evidence to support this assertion.

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