A Look Into Tracy Tutor And Erik Anderson Relationship

This week marks the return of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles for a new season. Tracy Tutor, one of the three major cast members of season 14, returns to the screen. She originally appeared on the program in season 10 four years ago. Tutor was married to Jason Maltas, with whom she has two kids, during her first season on the program. Their relationship deteriorated while shooting, and Tutor decided to seek divorce while seeing the footage. They now co-parent their children and have a friendly relationship. The MDLLA actress is presently seeing Erik Anderson, a personal trainer in Los Angeles who is 20 years her junior. Tracy is 47 years old, whereas Anderson is 27. In September 2021, the reality star addressed the age gap on social media, saying that she believes she can be a strong, attractive, and successful woman without all the ridiculous labels.

Tracy Tutor and Erik Anderson’s Relationship

Tracy Tutor, star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, has been dating her personal trainer since 2020, and the two are happy than ever. Anderson is often seen on her social media platforms, but it wasn’t always this way. Tutor initially hinted at her romance with the 27-year-old personal trainer on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in June 2020.

Tracy Tutor

She stated:

“I’m content. I’m dating someone, and things are going well; he also happens to make my complexion sparkle.”

In response to the remark, Cohen questioned whether she was dating a dermatologist, to which the MDLLA actress replied, “or my trainer.” The pair originally met via Tutor’s previous cast member Fredrik Eklund, who introduced Tutor to the private trainer. Since February 2020, the two had been training together. The pair flew to Mexico at the start of their relationship, when they both caught COVID-19.

She said on SiriusXM Radio:

“It was quite stressful… because we traveled to Mexico together and both had COVID and didn’t realize it, so when we returned back and everyone was in full lockdown, we sort of looked at one other and said, ‘okay, let’s just stay together.”

Erik Anderson made his Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles debut in season 13, and his presence had an influence on Tutor. In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, she said that people will see a kinder side to her.

When asked about her lover, she stated:

“He’s extremely supportive of me, and he’s kept me pretty focused. I’m a bit more of an extrovert, and I like to be sociable and out, and if you ask me to go to dinner, I certainly say yes. I don’t stay home a lot.”

Tracy Tutor

Anderson is supportive of her profession, according to the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star, and it’s wonderful to have someone who isn’t influenced by her work. Anderson, according to Tutor, has been a great influence in her life, which is unusual for someone his age. Season 14 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles will air on Bravo on December 8th.

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