A Look Into Stephen Twitch Boss And Allison Holker

Stephen Twitch Boss, a 40-year-old American dancer, committed himself on Tuesday, December 13. Allison Holker, his wife, confirmed his death in a statement to People Magazine on Wednesday. According to the 34-year-old:

“It is with heavy hearts that I inform you that my husband Stephen has left us. Stephen brightened every room he entered. Above all, he treasured family, friends, and community, and leading with love and light was everything to him. He was our family’s rock, the finest husband and father, and an example to his admirers.”

Boss, who came to stardom by sitting in on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, left Holker and his three children, Weslie, Zaia, and Maddox, behind.

The connection between Stephen Twitch Boss and Allison Holker

Stephen Twitch Boss and Allison Holker met for the first time at a party in 2006. Boss stated to Dance Spirit that he and his wife met at Ivan Koumaev’s party, but she “doesn’t remember at all!” The couple then met and appeared on season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance, but they didn’t start dating until the season’s closing party.

People Magazine quoted Allison Holker as saying:

“There was no discussion, no talk, no first hangout; we literally danced and were holding hands the following day, and we never looked back.”

Stephen Twitch Boss

In May 2012, the couple appeared on the red carpet together and announced their romance. They appeared together in season 16 of Dancing With the Stars the following year. Stephen Twitch Boss dropped down on one knee and proposed to Holker in June 2013. The couple got married. They married in Paso Robles, California, at their friend Nigel Lythgoe’s vineyard in December 2013. He also became a stepfather to Allison’s former relationship’s daughter, Weslie.

On Justin Bieber’s Somebody to Love, Boss and Holker did a hip-hop dance performance. Allison emphasized the significance of dancing in their relationship with Us Weekly in 2020.

“We constantly finish upbeatsming andlyrico inevitably end upbeat. Whatever happens throughout the day, we know we can check in with each other and dance to make everything go away, and it’s so much better.”

Stephen Twitch Boss

In March 2016, Boss and Allison Holker welcomed their first child, a boy called Maddox, into their family. Allison immediately revealed her second pregnancy with Boss. In an interview with Us Magazine two months before giving birth in 2019, she said:

“Both of our kids are overjoyed. Maddox is still, I suppose, sorting out what is actually going on with the entire circumstance. We keep mentioning that there will be a new baby. He converses with the infant.”

Allison Holker gave birth to the couple’s second child, a girl called Zaia, in November 2019. Stephen Twitch Boss died barely three days after his tenth wedding anniversary with Holker.

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