A Look Into Paris Berelc And Rhys Athayde Relationship

Paris Berelc has been in a relationship with her lover Rhys Athayde since her separation from her ex-partner Jack Griffo. And it seems that her lover has won her heart, as the couple shares lovely moments on Instagram and other social media platforms. Berelc even described her present relationship as the healthiest she’s ever had.

Berelc has been seeing her boyfriend for two years.

In October 2020, Berelc declared her Instagram connection with her personal trainer lover, Athayde, official. The 23-year-old actress captioned a photo of the two kissings, “Missed #nationalboyfriendday by a few.” Since then, the pair have kept their admirers up to date on their love lives. In October 2021, Berelc and Athayde celebrated their first anniversary. The actress hailed her lover as a fantastic companion in a series of photos she shared on Instagram. “One down, many more to go. I couldn’t have asked for a greater business partner. Honey, happy anniversary. I adore you, “She accompanied the picture with a white heart emoji. Aside from that, on their birthdays, the couple uploaded images of themselves displaying their love for one another.

Paris Berelc

For Athayde’s birthday in September 2021, the actress posted a seashore photo of the two kissings. She sent a message that said, “I’ve never met someone as considerate and caring as you. I’m thankful that I get to wake up close to you every morning. You add beauty to life, and I wish everyone viewed the world the way you do. I will always adore you xo” Her partner gave a similarly lovely tribute on Berelc’s 23rd birthday in December 2021 two months later. “You’ve grown so much this last year, and words can’t explain how proud I am of you,” Athayde wrote, hailing her as the finest roommate. He also expressed thanks for all of their travels, saying he couldn’t wait to see what was next.

Paris Berelc has a good relationship with her boyfriend.

Berelc discussed her connection with Athayde in a May 2021 interview with US Weekly. She mentioned that she had been in a few previous relationships, but her present one was the only one that seemed more mature. “It’s like my first healthy relationship,” said the Mighty Med star. She further disclosed that Athayde had always claimed that God had brought her into his life.

Paris Berelc

Athayde is a founding trainer and chief experience officer of Dogpound Gym, as well as the co-founder of Phantom Fits. He is well-known for his collaborations with celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Hugh Jackman, and other well-known actors. Previously, the actress was dating Alexa and Katie’s co-star, Griffo. While it is unclear why the former couple divorced, Berelc acknowledged their split on Instagram Stories in January 2021. When asked what occurred between her and her ex, the actress said, “We split up… I moved on… That’s the conclusion of the narrative… that’s all you need to know.” Griffo is now dating Sylvia van Hoeven.

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