A Look Into Nick Gehlfuss And Lilian Matsuda Married Life

Nick Gehlfuss has been around for a long time. Since 2015, his portrayal as Dr. Will Halstead on Chicago Med has earned him a devoted fan base. These admirers are constantly interested in learning more about his personal life. Gehlfuss, on the other hand, is infamous for not saying anything about it. His Instagram is largely about work. However, his wife, Lilian Matsuda, is more open than her husband about a few aspects of their family life.

Nick Gehlfuss and his wife Lilian Matsuda are expecting their first child.

Although Gehlfuss and Matsuda are careful about what they disclose on the internet, they do share certain details about their family life. According to her Instagram, the couple is expecting a child in late 2021. Matsuda announced her pregnancy for the first time on April 14, 2021. She turned to Instagram to share a mirror selfie of her baby belly, which was already rather large. Following that, in June, they attended a live Colombus Symphony performance, which she documented on social media by dedicating the day to their soon-to-be-born child.

Nick Gehlfuss

“I hope you loved your first live performance,” she spoke directly to her kid, whom she referred to as Bebe. We’re not sure whether this was the baby’s intended name or merely a moniker chosen by the parents. Their child had arrived by mid-December. She paid respect to her mother on December 14, 2021, stating, “I believe my baby would laugh when you laugh.”

“I’ll try to be as patient as you were with me.” “I love you,” she added at the conclusion of the caption.

It seems like the pair might finally find some time for themselves in January. “Parents’ night out,” Matsuda said in her post on January 25, 2022. Matsuda has made several red carpet appearances with Gehlfuss since then.

About Nick Gehlfuss’s Secret Big Wedding

Gehlfuss and Matsuda kept their 2016 wedding secret from the media. Then, a few days after his wedding, he revealed the wonderful news to everyone. The pair married on May 13, 2016, but only uploaded wedding photos two days later, on May 15. He labeled one of his photographs with a wonderful passage from D. H. Lawrence. The next day, on May 17, he confirmed the news to People magazine, discussing his wedding and honeymoon preparations.

“I wanted to invite a lot of my cast mates, but since we’re a franchise, I would have had to invite the whole Chicago franchise,” he said of his celebration plans. On Friday the 13th, the couple had a “grand wedding in Ohio.”

Nick Gehlfuss

He had spent a portion of their vacation in New York promoting Chicago Med. Gehlfuss and Matsuda had planned to visit Japan, a location she has a connection to since her mother is half-Japanese. Matsuda was available for the couple’s wedding. Previously, from June 2014 until August 2015, she worked at Viceroy Hotel Group in Los Angeles, California. She is presently the Director of Advocacy for Illinois Action for Children, a job she has held since December 2021.

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