A Look Into Jay Blades and Lisa Zbozen’s Relationship As The Couple Got Married

Jay Blades, 52, married Lisa Zbozen, 42, on November 22, 2022. Blades disclosed all that transpired on the wedding day in a recent interview with Hello! Magazine. Zbozen continued:

“Once you reach a certain age, you realize what’s really essential on any given day – and that’s having people around you who accept you for who you are.” So we made it our day.”

The important day was celebrated in a beachside home in Barbados, with just 15 people invited. Only their closest family members were there, according to Blades. Jay said that he is not an emotional guy, yet he cried at the wedding. He went on:

“It was almost as if I had tunnel vision, and all I could see was Lisa.” And, to be honest, that’s when it struck me. ‘We’re actually getting married now!’ I exclaimed. That was the only time I became really emotional.”

Blades wore a black linen suit and the bride’s gown was made by Birmingham-based Romantic Dress Bridal. Richard Talman of The Repair Shop created the rings for the couple, which contained their birthstones. Lisa said that she does not want a flawless wedding ring since she feels that nothing is perfect. The couple has begun preparing another party for next year, to which they will invite family members and friends, as well as names from The Repair Shop.

Lisa Zbozen brags about her social media training sessions.

Lisa Zbozen is a personal trainer who has acquired a popularity for her social media pictures that show her completing difficult exercises such as kettlebell swinging, lunging, and squatting. The 42-year-old is the founder of The Wkout, a workout app that offers several approaches for individuals interested in fat-burning, muscle training, and yoga. According to her biography on the website The Wkout,

“Lisa always delivers the Fire.” Lisa’s exercises are dynamic, forceful, and never the same.”

Jay Blades

Although her Instagram feed is mostly focused on fitness, she often writes about Blades on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Following her marriage to Jay, she changed her Instagram identity to Lisa’s “Tiny” Blades. On the social networking site, she has over 121,000 followers and 29,400 posts. There is no information known on Lisa’s upbringing, parents, work, net worth, or educational history.

Jay Blades and Lisa Zbozen’s relationship

Although it is uncertain how they met, Jay Blades and Lisa Zbozen married in December of last year. Blades proposed to Zbozen with a Richard Talman-designed ring. He shared the news on social media, writing:

“Good afternoon, everyone. Lunchtime Snack I am delighted to inform you that I am now engaged to @lisamariezbozen. We wanted to share this news with you since we are overjoyed and wish to offer you the same joy. “I created the ring and had it produced by @rtfj.”

Jay Blades


Blades previously married Jade, with whom he launched the organization Out of the Dark. Their divorce in 2015 caused complications for the organization, which incurred large losses, and Jay himself encountered financial difficulties. The Repair Shop, Would I Lie to You?, Richard Osman’s House of Games, Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, and other programs have featured the 52-year-old.

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