A Look Into Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Relationship

Actress Eva Mendes seems to hint quietly to the public that she and The Notebook star Ryan Gosling may get married. When questioned about her time in Australia, the Hitch actress referred to Gosling as her “spouse” in an interview with Today Australia on Thursday, November 17. On the broadcast, she was supporting the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Mendes, 48, said that she felt accepted in Australia and enjoyed spending time with her two children and ‘husband’ Ryan, adding:

“I’m having a great time here. Everyone has been wonderful, and everyone has been very inviting. Ryan, my husband, has arrived… And now that our children have arrived, we’re enjoying the time of our lives.”

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been dating for almost a decade.

Mendes and Gosling, both 42, have never been open about their long-term romance, with their relationship status being contested for numerous years and rumors never-ending. Finally, on November 17, the Ghost Rider actress acknowledged her marriage to The Gray Man actor, with whom she has two kids, Esmeralda (8) and Amada (6).

Eva Mendes

Long before they began dating, the pair was pals. Rumors of them dating started while they were shooting The Place Beyond the Pines together in 2011, and have persisted ever since. The couple was first seen kissing in Disneyland in September 2011, confirming the reports.

Eva Mendes spent the summer of 2012 with Ryan Gosling and his mother Donna, who was supposedly a great admirer of Mendes. During the visit, sources indicated that Donna wanted Ryan to settle down with Eva and that the rest of the family supported their relationship. Mendes gave birth to the couple’s first child, Esmeralda, in September 2014, despite having no intention of becoming a mother until she found her better half. She told Women’s Health Magazine that after meeting Gosling, she changed her mind.

According to the actor:

“Then it made logical for me to have… not my own children, but his children.” It was really personal to him.”

Amada Lee, their second daughter, was born two years later, in May 2016. Eva Mendes has said for years that the concept of marriage is not enticing to her or her spouse. She added that, although she supports other people getting married, she finds marriage too antiquated and old-fashioned for herself. Despite concerns that Gosling was a bad dad, the couple kept their relationship quiet. Ryan Gosling is not active on social media and has never been seen on Eva Mendes’ social media platforms, prompting internet users to accuse him of being a bad parent. Eva Mendes put a stop to the allegations by stating that she preferred to keep her relationship and “all the beautiful things Ryan does as a parent” secret.

Eva Mendes

She stated:

“I believe it’s better if I continue to discuss what I’m comfortable with while not overly involving him or my children.” It’s not about being secretive or strange; it’s simply about being private in public.”

Eva Mendes showed off her ‘de Gosling’ tattoo on her wrist in an Instagram photo on November 15, 2022. The tattoo, which is of Cuban origin, might be a reference to a Cuban custom in which women add their husband’s name to their original name after marriage by inserting the word ‘de,’ which means ‘of.’ Fans assumed that the couple had been married for a long time after Eva Mendes stated that she had the tattoo a long time ago but just revealed it now since she was a “mysterious” lady.

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