A Look Into Austen Kroll And Olivia Flowers Relationship

Season 8 of Bravo’s Southern Charm finished last month, but viewers were still wondering about the cast’s relationship status. Leva Bonaparte recently revealed details about her co-stars’ romantic lives. She claimed that Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll, her co-stars, are no longer dating. Olivia and Taylor Ann Green’s names were referenced by Leva, who said that the women were “done” becoming engaged with their respective ex-boyfriends.

Leva told US Weekly while promoting her forthcoming program Southern Hospitality:

“I drank cocktails with Taylor and Olivia and I believe the ship has gone for her and Olivia in terms of the guys of Southern Charm.”

Season 8 of Southern Charm concluded with Shep Rose and Taylor’s split, while Austen and Olivia were still working out their relationship.

Austen mentioned Olivia On Bravo’s Winter House

Austen Kroll began shooting another Bravo program, Winter House, after completing Southern Charm. He indicated in last week’s show that he was missing Olivia and wanted to bring her to Vermont (the location where Winter House was filmed).

Ex-girlfriend Ciara Miller was taken aback by Austen’s statement since she assumed he was flirting with her and the other females in the home. After viewing his actions on television, she informed Austen that Olivia would end their relationship. Austen eventually abandoned the plan to invite Olivia to the Winter House in Vermont. Meanwhile, Austen’s Southern Charm co-star and close friend Leva Bonaparte indicated that Olivia was done with him.

Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers’s relationship history

Season 8 of Southern Charm introduces Olivia Flowers as a possible love interest for Austen Kroll. The two were spotted on multiple group dates with then-couple Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose during the season. Olivia and Austen clicked right away, and the latter even met her parents. Things quickly deteriorated when Austen couldn’t stop chatting about his former Madison LeCroy on his first solo date with Olivia. For a while, he was irritated with him.

Season 8 saw many ups and downs in Austen and Olivia’s relationship. One of the most memorable moments was when Austen slept with Ciara when she was in Charleston. After watching Olivia bring a partner to a function, he decided to spend one night with Ciara as “revenge.”

Austen revealed to date Olivia outside of the show in May 2022. He said in an interview:

“I’ve known her for about a year and a half now. You’ll definitely see where it starts and how it concludes [on Southern Charm season 8]. And there is definitely some ebb and flow as I attempt to figure it out.”

Austen Kroll

Olivia revealed to Us Weekly in August 2022 that they were in an exclusive relationship. She stated:

“We’re simply having a good time.” This summer, we traveled extensively. We traveled to some pretty beautiful sites, and traveling with someone always allows you to get to know them on a deeper level.”

She went on:

“And we got to sort of unwind once the cameras went and the performances ended.” We basically got to know one other and decided whether this was something we wanted, and we’re certainly in each other’s lives today.”

However, at the season 8 reunion (which aired in October), Olivia seemed to be angered by Austen on many occasions. She was particularly irritated when the previous pair Madison and Austen laughed about their love for one other. Meanwhile, it is unknown if Olivia will return to Southern Charm for the next season.

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